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Archons of the Earth

Vrilock Psionic Brotherhood and Occult Club Rocks

Officially, the world is lead by public figures, officers, and a figurehead at every peak in the system, forming sort of a mountain ridge or a great wall around our minds, and this arrangement, this system is what we call it society.

What truth will tell us is that the world is ruled by the select few—the chosen ones; the elite as we refer to these masterminds of society and the world at large.

In my earliest years I felt a calling. The cosmic belt of Orion shewed me visions and opened my mind to the great plan! Know that I am here to help the individual rise to greatness! Together we are the Vrilock New Thought-Movement, and as the Knights of the Psionic Brotherhood we are making a difference in the lives of our fellows and loyal colleagues.

To become a brother psionic knight, please join our club and start your training. All of those club members who stay in contact with me are considerable for joining us as a knight of the order of Vrilock.

I teach basic radionics, advanced radionics, psionics, and occult focused-concentration. As a club member you will have access to all the breakthroughs in psionics as these journals, articles, reports, audios, and how-to videos are released. Plus, you will receive big discounts up to 50% off of our club exclusive occultist materials.

Remember that the many world creeds and dogmas are by their design intended to hold you back from self-mastery and inner power achievement. With your fellow psionic knights you will have far less to fear. You will be in the stewardship of Vrilock and Team. Let us shave off the burden. Open you up to the real powerful you.

Learn psionics secrets. Join our psionics faith. Become a knight among us!

Think about this. Then consider joining your brother knights! Vrilock welcomes you into our club!

Join the Vrilock Occult Psionics Club

Until next time…

Keep the magick high!

- Vrilock

Steward of the Psionic Brotherhood

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