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Psionics Against All Odds

Forced to live in an oppressive family situation? Relatives crazy television mainstream media zombies? Psychotics pushing you around? Pulling at your feelings, drawing out your emotions like a cyst, like a bubble that tugs you along with it?

When are you going to understand what’s happening to you? Why are your family and friends and coworkers or fellow students beset against you on all sides? Why do you think?

You’ve entered the age of chaos. The important thing for you to do is to learn what you can do with psionics to help yourself out of an oppressive, abusive, or rotten situation. Read on to learn more!

If you’ve ever wondered why life is so incredibly difficult you’re not alone. And if you have guessed at the possibility that just because you’re a guy and maybe you have some decency or talents that people are incriminating you, then you have guessed right. But it is time to end this vilifying game. We end this game with psionics.

Psionics is personal power. The art and philosophy is to make your life better. You use psionics to bend the forces that run the universe to your benefit. Is the ranking system in your family all screwed up? Use psionics to remedy the situation! Dive into the Vrilock Practical Guides in the shop to get all the power you need! Join our magick training and magick coaching/ magick study program in the Vrilock Club >>>

Back in the bad old days of public school I was taken for a bad boy because I had this James Dean kind of look. My friends, the few that I had, were mostly foreign students and minorities. Yet, I was accused by young girls at school of being a racist and a villain. Why? The answer is simple. Melodramatic people get some kind of a brain chemical high out of projecting their fantasies onto other people. It wasn’t until many years later that I realized I could use my own talents to project my thoughts upon my attackers. I reflected upon the many stories of the ancients and their gods, as well as my encounters with extra-dimensional beings. The so-called gods didn’t just become powerful entities overnight. They probably couldn’t do much for humanity if they’d never gone through trials of their own, and at long last had achieved immortality on the spirit level. Before we can help others we must first learn how to wrestle chaos into a workable position - a foundation of which to build order. This is the teaching of the gods, and the path we must follow ourselves to get out of the web of archetypal synchronistic forces around us on this planet.

Strength is realized via psionics. I want you to have this strength as well, so we can build a new renaissance of true humanity through psionics and the occult power.

We’re your brother knights in the Psionic Brotherhood, and we welcome you to join our club.

Go to: and keep the magick high!

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