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Inevitably you will face terrible and insurmountable odds in your social life, your work life, and at home. Indeed families today are on the whole beset on all sides by vested interests to tear them apart; whether this is financial, economics, creeds, socialism, or psychosis. Influence is all around us. But, what can you do about it?

Psychotics are basically the children of Ettin, the daughters of fallen angels, the spawn of Pan and Baal. You'll need to understand this, that these creatures are not humans, but rather the essence of chaos. So, let us take a look at some examples here.

I had a club member who was smashed in the face by his fiancé just for asking why the woman had dropped another man’s wallet in his car. This was only the beginning of the horrors he would face, and it was necessary to begin taking action. Psionics action included.

People, by now you must surely realize that there is something terribly wrong with the world. Things just don’t add up on the mainstream media. We can’t rely on accurate weather forecasts. Politicians who we believed in are always cozying up with dictators. Police officers abuse their power. Family members turn into control freaks or simply lose their minds. Sometimes people we once knew as compassionate now appear heartless and soulless.

In my own experiences, for which there have been many, one which strikes me the most concerning is when I have walked into a very bad company with horrendous customer service. I suddenly realize that the entire staff if sharing one insane group-mind, and as if they can read my thoughts these crazy people all give me a wolfish grin and shinny eyes at the same time. Total hive mind! And I’m not crazy, folks. True I wear a mask as a public performance, but I recognize the difference between fantasy and being real.

So I say to you, that the mental illness problem across the nation is indeed a real epidemic. I might even venture to call it a pandemic. It isn’t just happening in the United States. I’ve lived abroad and have witnessed these similar mentally disturbed vibes coming to some kind of sick fruition for the uber evil forces that have dominated this planet for an age and an age. Now they are coming into spiritual powers of horror and chaotic, diabolic, darkness upon us all.

And while the young may revel in chaos, they cannot live long in it. That just isn’t how the human condition is supposed to work. A certain degree of virtue or values, order and self-respect and mannerism is necessary to hold a people together. What I see before me is madness. Shear madness.

To make matters worse, there is no mainstream means of dealing with these sort of problems. We’re just sort of thrown to the invisible world to make of us whatever these dark powers want. Well, maybe that isn’t entirely true. We have psionics. But first we must begin to understand the problems we’re dealing with here. Is it all human at the root of the problem? Or is there an external force at work here playing with our fleshy minds, and having its way with us?

What is happening here is a quickening effect of all the powers which have been bent against us from day one in life. Psionics can help you overcome many of these problems if you will give Vrilock Psionics Coaching a chance.

In contrast we have club members who have taken up their Miraculous Prayer Boards and psionic instruments to pave a better life for themselves. One such club member in France—despite the chaos in that region of the world—has made a good life for himself by working at little things just a little psionics at a time, and he’s happier than ever before!

Psionics social working can benefit you. All of these emotions are really thought-forms which leave our bodies chakras like a great bubble. When these emotions take on a life of their own then it pulls us along with it, and we are lost to an external influence that we may have created ourselves. There is an old occult teaching that feelings and emotions are different components in our lives. When you join my club or listen to my podcasts you will begin to understand a little better what kind of reality we actually exist in. As well, with Vrilock Psionics you will begin to take back the control in your life.

You may have read books on the subject of psychopaths such as ‘The Sociopath Nextdoor’ or ‘Wolf in Sheepskin’. Until now there has been nothing that you can do about it. There’s no law against being a psychotic or sociopath, and therefore little reprisal for being a tormentor of your own family and coworkers. Well, those days are ending and fast. With psionics empowering a major cleanup in the world, and with psionics being embraced by individuals like yourself, we are changing the world and civilization back to human. So, kick the psychos out of your life and get into psionics with Vrilock and Team!

Seriously! You don’t have to be a victim. So don’t be a victim, folks! Use psionics and the Vrilock Insiders Club philosophy to make your life your own again. I, Vrilock, will help you take it back under your control!

So, if you’re sick and tired of sociopaths, psychotics, sadistic siblings or boyfriends and girlfriends ravaging your life, I ask you to embrace Vrilock psionics and live your life to the fullest!

Help us build this Vrilock Club with great people like yourself! You’ll learn to build constructs which can protect you from jealous small minded antagonists. Embrace psionics and you will create destiny, forge your own prosperity, and leave the fates behind in the dust! and Keep the magick high!

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