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Psionics Market

Vrilock Psionics Magick Market and Illustrations by K.A.

Prior to the Vrilock New Psionics Movement and the Psionic Brotherhood there really wasn’t a market for psionics. Radionics in the U.K. or radiesthesia (French) certainly has sold in Europe, and in America the paranormal master Joshua Warren has sold wishing machines. In and of itself these are great attributions to the frontier of mind machines. Yet, the market for psionics was not a lucrative business pursuit. That’s because without true competition there is no market.

During the early Cosimanian Orthodoxy development beginning in 1984, fans were few and far between. The initial sales for the first book on psionics ‘Psychic Power’ by Charles Cosimano sold roughly 50,000 copies through a publisher known around the world as Llewellyn. Still, those of us who clicked with what author Charles W. Cosimano was writing were still quite few and far between. It was sort of like we were an invisible audience or a minority fan club—except, we didn’t have a club. However, with the emergence of ‘The Daggers’ started as a newsgroup by Donna Cosimano in the 90’s there came together a means by which to communicate interests. However, the direction of psionics was sort of blurred by the ideology of BDSM, a non-related activity to psionics researchers.

Starting in the early 2000’s Charles Cosimano began releasing some rather direct and uncensored videos on Youtube which made the character of ‘Uncle Chuckie’ a rather big hit fan group who accepted the title of ‘Cosimanians’ or ‘Cosimaniacs’ (a term introduced back in early 2000’s to Charles by Tom Vrilock). And so the interesting train of fandom grew and grew into what it is today. A rather broad and wide ranging body of interest in psionics.

Charles Cosimano is indeed the godfather of psionics in so far as developing the study from magick into techno-wizardry, taking from science-fiction of the 1950’s and applying this to an actual real system for working psychic powers and magical formulas. Thus we have a real field of magical practice called psionics.

From 2000-2016 the name of psionics has been juggled around between authors like Winged Wolf, Thomas Walton, Charles Cosimano, and a few other names. The most consistent use of this term ‘psionics’ has been owned by Charles Cosimano - a.k.a. Uncle Chuckie. I, Tom Vrilock, recognize Charles Cosimano as the godfather of Psionics, and as my former mentor in psychic and psionics magick training. Chuck is also my old friend. We began our relationship in 1992 writing colloquially by snailmail. It wasn’t until 1995 or 1998 that we began communicating via email, and then in 2003 that we started speaking on the phone.

Well, history lessons aside, what we have today as a direct impact of the Vrilock Psionics Movement and the Psionic Brotherhood is an actual market for psionics.


Simple. Prior to our meetup in Wisconsin with Joshua Warren, Dr. Mulder, Donna and Chuck Cosimano, and myself, Tom Vrilock, there wasn’t an opportunity for real competition. Now the racers on off! And We are enjoying the show as pioneers and frontiersmen in the field of psionics, radionics, wishing machines, prayer boards, and all manner of occult power and paranormal technology race toward global domination in the psionics market!

Who will invest in the ultimate umbrella psionics company? Imagine it. A great big Vrilock emblem for a real psionics university! Or perhaps a Vrilock and Warren Institute! Will it be Uncle Chuckie Enterprises? Or will destiny be carved out by radionics engineer Dr. Mulder in the wake of a new frontline of advanced radionics machines? I wouldn’t rule out a Mobius psionics fabrication LLC.

The point?

Really! Isn’t it obvious? A new prospect has become open to the public for making sales and profits in a market that prior to our Psionics Meeting in Wisconsin did not exist! With more players, and many of us very good at what we do, the potential for growth, money, and investors has arrived in our times! I mean years ago one would have to hide a controversial book in their pocket until they made it up to the cashier (one club member reminded me of this). Now we can do what we want! Whatever we desire!

Thanks to Charles Cosimano psionics has broken the monopoly on the use of deadly force. And the individual has just as much opportunity to lay claim to many of the world’s most treasured assets. The markets are wide open to your psionics infiltration and occult power!

Going back to the problem of no real competitors in the field, let’s face it… most of the people on Youtube pitching psionics are boring, dull, or off topic more than half the time. There wasn’t any real personality on Youtube in regard to psionics until the arrival of Charles Cosimano, and in the background his first student Tom Vrilock suggesting ideas and sharing secret success stories. A brooding army of us psionics masterminds waded in the black waters of the subconscious minds of society, waiting and waiting for the bar to be removed and our forces unleashed upon the world!

And here we are! Born to be kings! Rulers of the universe! The Psionic Brotherhood! The Cosimaniacs! The Wishmasters! The Vrilock Psionics Movement is out of the bag and into society at large, taking the world by storm on the sub-real level, rewiring the world circuit in our own imagination! And playing it out to manifest some of the greatest opportunities in the world of psionics marketing!

The new era of Psionics and Wishmasters is here in the world! It is yours to invest in! My club members donate. We support the Psionic Brotherhood, a coming together of all psionics operators to become the next rulers of the world! We've made breakthroughs in variable machines, electives boxes, and conditional radionics instruments! Learn about it in the Insiders Club here >>>

Join us. Pitch a new corporate plan and Vrilock will hear you out. Want to be a CEO for us? Are you an investor in new fantasy radios? Vrilock is listening with open ears for your offers! Give a little take a little, and we’ll see new horizons open for our psionics community. Already offers are coming in, and unlike many of our competitors Mr. Vrilock is willing to share and take the workload to make our partners shared dreams come true. Have a project proposal? Need something done about a—ahem—little problem? We’re all ears. and Keep the Magick High!

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