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Psionics Real-Time

Psionics Real-Time

Most magicians, witches, and wizards are stuck waiting around for spells and thought-forms or constructs to take form on the astral plane, and then if they’re lucky their enchantment will manifest far later on the physical plane of reality. What if you had the secret to breaching the barrier between operations and results in magick?

I’m talking about leaping into the future of psionics power! We’re saying you can boost thought-forms into psionics real-time! And there is so much you can do with this magick knowledge.

Imagine using this kinetics psionics power to speed up results. What if you were buying bonds from General Electric, and you wanted a high return? Wouldn’t it be nice if magick could catch up with the world in closer to real-time? Bid the lowest at an auction, and still win! Psionics advancements can do this and much more!

Well it can. And there are two ways about this. First, you could hire Vrilock to do it for you. Second, you could learn how to do this yourself and train up with this awesome ebook ‘The Wondrous Wheel!’ And if you join the Vrilock Insiders Club you’ll have access to these awesome psionics books including private journals and occult documents, audio logs, and how-to videos on psionic power and radionics - wishing machine - magick manifestation! The psionic advancements could be yours. The choice is ultimately yours! This new breakthrough in psionics power is true freedom.

Go to and take advantage of our awesome psionic TRIO downloads, including hybrid combinations of ebook and audiobooks all-in-one occult shopping experience!

And if you join the Vrilock Insiders Club, well, then you’ll have access to never-told-before stories from Vrilock’s former mentor! The Vrilock Journals are Tom Vrilock’s personal diaries, scanned letters from the godfather of psionics, Charles Cosimano, and present-day commentary to help students read between the lines and get professional insight into the magick world of the occult and psionics power!

Mulahahahaaa! Yesss! Enjoy!

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