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Psionics Save Vs Insanity

Psionics Save Vs Insanity

Those of us with half a clue can rightly ascertain the differences between a functional brain and a dysfunctional zombie head. The fact of the matter is that life is already difficult as it is without mental insanity in our lives. Psionics can provide some solutions, but first let us consider where we are at as individuals tackling some of these very real problems.

First of all life will throw problems at all individuals. You’re not going to get away from this protocol for existence on this planet. It’s simply waiting there for you to run into by default. I’m talking about the matrix reality that we live in. Psionics can resolve or nullify some or all of these problems we encounter, if and when we learn the fundamental philosophy adhering to the path of the true psionicist.

So, if you’re willing to give this philosophy of psionics a chance, then please read on.

Psionics allows us to create instances which will ultimately benefit the operator. We can curve behavioral patterns both in ourselves and in others; though we are unlikely to cure or permanently change people who are mentally ill. That is a territory for psychiatrists and psychologists who have a thorough study and practiced experience in this area of expertise on mental illness or behavioral science. However, there is a lot of territory still unresolved by science when it encounters the various inconsistencies of human irrationality, immorality, and criminal insanity. I believe that this is due to the possibility that a certain component is missing from the sciences. I speak of spirit as a hidden pattern in nature. (I define spirit as the most pure state of being/ existence.)

Psionics allows you to work on a spiritual and supernatural level of operations. With this channel of opportunity we are gifted with new options for balancing out of our plane of existence the various and myriad ghasts plaguing our everyday existence. There are many kinds of entities which I refer to as ‘hitchers’ because these entities latch onto people at a level just out of reach of scientific instruments’ capacity for detection. Therefore analyzing such creatures of less-than-macro-physical make-up is nearly impossible. Alas, there are clues which tell us of their presence. And with multiple witnesses at different times, and possibly under similar or different circumstances, we can attest to the existence or occasional appearance of these entities in our reality.

Why is the spiritual or super natural important to humanity?

This is a really great question to consider, as there are a number of reasons I can share which justify the full exploration of the supernatural and psionics as a technology of the arts and applied philosophy.

One reason is that there are very real problems associated with the invisible world. The classical examples include entities like the succubus or incubus, demons, and vampiric spirits. Some of these entities exist entirely in another state of existence that is either non-physical or other-physical (metaphysical or unexplainable by modern understanding of the sciences), while there are also those entities which we refer to as ‘wraiths’. Wraiths are astrally projected humans who enter back into our reality or presence at the etheric level, which is very close to the actual physical plane of reality. In this level of reality physical objects such as doors and mirrors are still present, and the wraith can access various levels of our reality via these thresholds. (As an aside and perhaps trivial but curious interest, mirrors can appear as water in this level of astral projection. Doors can appear as portals or dark spots which entities of all kinds may traverse.)

Another reason for the interest in the paranormal or supernatural is the fact that therein this other-worldly-reality is substantial—if not infinite—power and energy. Think about this… If you mastered the ghostly realms of the astral world you might have access to unlimited free energy of a kind that would make nuclear power look like the pastime of childish pursuits. That astral and paranormal or supernatural energy is the ultimate power in the universe. Poltergeist energy could power star ships and portals to other realities beyond our wildest dreams and imagination!

So, these reasons I have presented are both the personal and industrious rationals for the pursuit of the paranormal and supernatural arts or sciences. But let us get back to psionics vs. insanity.

Psionics offers us the means and instruments by which to block a number of problems from the spiritual side. Then, we have the various coincidences or instances which can be measured and controlled by the psionics arts, such as anxieties and deterring criminal tendencies both in our personal lives, families, communities, demographics—and then the far reaching potential of world-wide influence and control.

Psionics is power.

The statement is true in and of itself, though the necessary training, philosophy, and coaching from an experienced mentor with a sound mind and heart is essential to any real and actual progress in this area of research, exploration, and occult technology.

Psionics can help you get a job. Psionics can build you a business. Psionics can help you find a partner, whether one desires a business partner or a love partner, soul mate, or just a playmate. These are all possible, and it has been done. I have done all of these things, and I continue to work psionics very effectively on a number of levels. I will teach you to become an adept in psionics. Join my club at or message me if you have a project you need help with at and I will reply at my earliest opportunity with an answer about your project and the cost to you.

Those who wish to become psionic masters will need to study a certain life-style, which I speak of routinely in my club audio logs, journals, and how-to videos. One must understand that we set out to obtain certain results, but there are myriad distractions along the way, and of these workings of the mind which detour your focus into areas of bias, opinion, and guessing games, I will help you to stay focused and succeed in the world of psionics technology and life-magick.

The Psionic Brotherhood welcomes new knights into our Vrilock New Thought Movement to become psionic masters, and to later help us with making the world a better place.

Until next time… Keep the Magick High!

Vrilock, signing out!

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