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Psionic Brotherhood - Typhoon Krosa, Japan

Slamming into Japan at 90 mph, typhoon Krosa transformed miraculously into a tropical depression greatly reducing its potential damages to the people and land of Japan.

At least 3 dead as Krosa pounds Japan with 30 inches of rain and wind gusts of nearly 90 mph

It took 3 deaths from rough sea condition and 50 injures but they were safely rescued. None of major destructions reported.

At this time our comics artist Lady K.A. and the Psionic Brotherhood reclined from prayer boards and radionics consoles to witness the results of our work and the combined attempt to defeat a storm far and remote around the globe with little forewarning or preparation.

Yet, the results speak well for the power of the human spirit, and more importantly our breakthroughs in psionics, radionics, and kinetic magick. Usually this kind of work is best done from ground zero, whereat the operator can become accustomed to the natural telluric, oceanic, and atmoskinetic qualities of the land (I know. I lived in Japan for several years, and the power to do amazing things increases with time and practice—see my comic strip ‘Supertyphoon Neoguri’.)

Vrilock KA Comics

Well, folks, we live in a world wherein the corrupted can trigger super storms to benefit their elections and the passing of new laws. However, some people braved the previous storms to make it to the voting booth in Japan. It seems that each time something sinister is on the menu to put into law that these storms miraculously manifest, and the timing is flawless.

How does this matter relate to you? And if it does, then what can you even begin to do about it?

The first part of the question is simple. Anything our leaders do has an impact on our lives. The second part of the question is equally simple, but may take some practice—psionics!

Yes, we provide the instruments and the training for learning psionics. With this power you can live a good life, empower your business or career, and even spice up romantic relationships. It’s entirely up to you. But most important of all is that you now have access to a power which transforms the entire game board of life.

Psionics is the power to change things to ‘your’ benefit!

The new Miraculous Prayer Board MINI is the ultimate psychometric infusion instrument! Use it to completely balance your entire being or to manifest miracles around the planet.

Reclaim the power! Tired of being deemed one of the lowly and mindless masses by the world’s elite? Grab yourself a prayer board and change all of that nonsense!

Vrilock’s Psionic Brotherhood is offering awesome trio’s for audiobooks and ebooks to help you get started in the occult power. Plus, we have the Insiders Club which boasts documents, audios, and how-to videos for beginners, intermediate, and advanced magicians and psionics operators. It’s an awesome international club of psions and mages.

We have something for everyone! If you’re already a seasoned radionics operator, then take the next step toward psionic robots. Read Psionic Robot - An Artificer’s Guide to Anthropomorphic Constructs! Or dive into the VOCUS training program in the Vrilock Insiders Club and learn all about variable machines, conditional rates, spirit electives machines, and occult focused concentration. The coaching messaging system takes your questions every week!

Whatever your psionics endeavors are, Vrilock and Team will assist you. Join the club today! Or get started with an awesome ebook! Lay-on-hands with the elegant NEW Prayer Board MINI!

Vrilock Miraculous Prayer Board Psionics Magick

The wonderful world of psionics as envisioned by Doc E.E. Smith is now available to you for real and life-transforming results!

Join Vrilock!

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