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Psychometric Prayer

Psychometric Prayer

Help us rebuild the world circuit!

I pray the world embraces this instrument of hope and prayer technology. To feel what I am saying here, allow for me to illustrate this prayer board power by telling you my personal story overseas where I discovered the crafting of this instrument in the countryside of Japan.

This is a story about the effective power of prayer, and perhaps my coming to understanding of how to pray.

Prior to working with prayer I was an avid practitioner of magical arrangements, particularly in the operation of radionics and psionics. However, I always caught myself thinking to God or at times whispering a small prayer that my operations would be successful. It was a rather odd correlation between my magical workings and my childhood belief in a superior spirit or cosmic mind. Yet, it wasn’t until I experienced the tragedy of other people, and endured many hardships along the journey to spirit, that I discovered the ultimate prayer technology.

So as not to stretch this web log to the volume of a book allow for me to illustrate my coming to understanding of prayer by my example of experiences of disaster.

While living in the mainland of Japan I had worked psionics to banish a series of natural disasters, man-made catastrophes, and so on via my mind machines and focused-concentration methods. But it wasn’t until some of my power was challenged by a great darkness that I finally realized that I needed a little extra help if I was to continue my pursuit of miracle working in the world.

One night after lifting typhoon Halong high into the sky, witnessing the typhoon freeze into a still-life tiny spiral high above, a new and unforeseen calamity came upon the land. Great black clouds trailed from China into the mainland of Japan. Red lightening and black thunder pounded the sky, and pressed low to the building tops in the town where I was living. The buildings rocked under the heat and pressure of the storm.

The hours went by, but the storm pressed on. I had a staff in hand which I had designed to work between the earth and sky, sort of like a communication tool. But when I began my work to clear the storm—which I had accomplished easily many times before—I felt a very dark and angry will overhead, and the clap of thunder threw my staff to the floor. I felt a jolt hit my body. Something disruptive traveled through the nerves in my body, and I found myself collapsed on the floor in my building. The intensity of that negative entity grew in the environment like demonic cacophony resounding in my operating room. Never before had this kind of spirit entered the place where I lived in Japan. And it had been many years since my previous encounters with devils when I had lived in America. So, thus my thoughts were that somehow I had not found my retreat from the ills of the world. Instead, I began to realize that my part in this story of conflict with the invisible world would continue whether I wanted it to or not. For certainly I felt I could not be the only one called to duty by higher forces or spirit in the world. And it would be these challenges in my life which ushered me to go out into the world and search for those like myself, and bring us together for a higher calling.

At that moment during which my powers were drained, and my resolve depleted, I found myself drawn to that little voice in my mind which called me to pray. So, I did.

I asked to be forgiven for my arrogance, for certainly with all of my psychic and psionics successes I had become proficient in many of the occult arts. As if in answer to my prayer I felt an empowering ‘something’ like a glow in my chest right at the center of my heart. At this point I felt a quieting of the storm, and I then went to work on pressing this inner feeling from my heart into my prayer board, and projecting this inner feeling of ‘love’ to the outside environment.

What I witnessed was a halo holding back thick black clouds which surrounded the town like battleships forming a blockade. Just below the line of light and darkness I witnessed the storm ceasing, but also the debris of homes and mud splattered and smashed across the streets. The mountain had come down with all the homes and trees, flooding into the streets. People were dead. And the next day when students carrying shovels and wearing knee-high boots marched up the mountain to dig their fellows out of the mud, they themselves fell in, many of them trapped in the debris and mud where they then died.

It was known as the 31 landslides. And this storm trail attempted to come into our town multiple times, yet this invisible force held it back and off or our town. A neighboring prefecture was not so lucky, but in time with lots of prayer and the prayer board instrument combined with my helmet work did see it off of the country.

So, how does all of this relate to my readers?

Simple. Prayer helps the average person ‘focus’. I might even venture to say that prayer helps us all to re-focus on that which is meaningful in our lives. Too often we are drawn away from the love of family and our personal life pursuits because our minds and hearts have been stolen away from us by the media and the various outlets of madness and chaos. Some of you may not believe in the words of others, though the words are true and alive. Consider Q’s message to the world that being we’ve been conditioned into accepting war, crime, destruction, deceit, and heavy addictions as the ‘norm’ in everyday life—but that this conditioning is not the natural state of affairs. Whether we believe the entirety of conspiracy theory or not, Q Anon does direct people to pray (Q even has a prayer wall). I, Vrilock, will show you how to make prayer coherent and powerful. And I will help you rebuild your relationship to the cosmic All.

Prayer builds our relationship to the cosmic mind, the All, the God. The Spirit of all spirits. It is by our nature, and our very ‘design’, that we are meant to pray. Prayer is natural to the human condition. You feel better when you pray. Something inside of you is finding itself in ways that no external chemicals or influences can provide. This prayer. This is natural. With our instruments and technology we can truly form a relationship with our beliefs, and rebuild the connection to the cosmic All. We’re getting more human, not less, by embracing this psionics technology of the soul, of the human spirit. Our natural blueprint can carry us back to the creative source in the cosmic plan.

You feel better when you immerse yourself in prayer with the Miraculous Prayer Board because while you do this you let go of the worldly globalist manipulation, and you embrace the natural feelings you have by divine purpose, which is housed and shielded in a balanced geometry - the hexagram.

This prayer tech instrument, the prayer board, frees us from globalist mind control. The only thing evil controllers can do is taint and pollute the symbology of the hexagram (which they already are doing with the images from news about the Texas shootings at Walmart). But, you, yourself, you know the truth when you touch this instrument. Each one made with care, prayer, and loving intent to help you rebuild your relationship with God, the Cosmic All, and your inner spirit. Perhaps you are too young to remember, but there was a time I remember when if bullies were following me to school I could ask a street cop to accompany me. Now a days cops seem to disregard the public as a nuisance. The cops are seemingly too high and mighty to serve the people. That is something we can gradually amend with the collective power of prayer and the ultimate prayer interface - the Miraculous Prayer Board! (And now the prayer board mini is here for your convenience and double the power of the original instrument!)

Vrilock is a believer, too!

Just touch this prayer board once a day and you will feel that much better. Remember that hardships shape us. The prayer board you can always come back to and rebalance your heart to your true self.

Learn more about working with prayer technology and psionics by taking Vrilock's coaching program in the Vrilock Insiders Club!

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