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Bored of Bureaucracy? Tired of Tyranny? Get Empowered by Psionics!

Bored of Bureaucracy? Tired of Tyranny? Get Empowered by Psionics!

I think just about everyone and their nephew has had it up to their horns with political puppets, insufferable corporate know-it-alls, and mad child saints. Television always says that the sky is always falling. The climatologists would have us believe that the elementals are ever seeking our doom. All the while, bureaucrats and technocrats are closing in on our flanks.

It’s a sleight of hand, my brother magicians. And the masses are always being had. Don’t become one of them.

So, you’ll observe the regulations. Maybe even cooperate with social distancing. But, you’re sure as hell fed up being cooped up with your snarling sisters, your farting schnorer siblings, and your parents. Hell, you might even be trapped in an apartment building with a socialist manager who insists we all play like grade schoolers and observe the fire drill twice a day! (I actually lived in an apartment where this sort of thing happened routinely.)

Now, you’re wondering if there’s actually a damn thing one can do about this sort of forceful rubbish. And before you run to the garage to fetch the ax and chainsaw, listen to what I’m about to tell you.

Psionics makes you immune to the madness of the people surrounding you. Psionic magick gives you special privileges that ordinary folks just don’t have.

Have I got your attention now??


The first thing you have to be able to do is sit someplace quiet (or use some earplugs) and meditate on one simple thought. Just one will do.

Next, you get yourself a flashlight and point it in the direction of the offending individual(s) and direct your will through the beam of light.

If you want to go a step further, and facilitate a good outcome—even something as simple as making sure you’ll miraculously have the money you need to buy groceries next month—then you’ll need a facilitator.

Well, you’re in luck. I have an audiobook you can instantly download and start working on this spirit-creature tonight! And the turnaround for crafting this creature doesn’t require any traditional ritual work at all. Just a flashlight. And of course my voice on audio guiding you through the process, and each procedure.

Simple. Effective. Fantastic!

Hell! It’s damn fun! You’ll not only reap the benefits of having special privileges, but you’ll enjoy working with psionics so much you’ll want to learn more!

Join my club and get everything you need for psionics! Go to and choose a payment plan. With the club you have access to rare documents, journals, audio logs, and how-to videos. And of course my messaging system to help you through materials in the club! We’ve even got global projects that you can work on to improve your skills!

Now, here is the really fun thing you can do right now, and it is entirely free of charge. Well, the flashlight will do the necessary charging for you. Muwahahahaa! Grab yourself a photograph of your favorite love-to-hate bureaucrat, and aim your flashlight at Mr. or Mz. Payoffs, and imagine that person transforming into something unnatural.

As a matter of course, that person will not literally transform into a pile of shit. However, their energy field will take on certain properties that will make that person’s life—hmm—more interesting.

I mean, just imagine the possibilities! You’re not allowed to get outside of your box or can that you live in, but these paid-off political puppets can live it up in mansions, get deliveries of the finest dining, and even have their favorite girlies or boys driven right to their bedroom.

But, YOU can’t go outside and enjoy yourself?? YOU don’t have a say about what kinds of rules and restrictions are put on your life? Well, if you keep allowing this to happen sooner or later you won’t have a choice about your own body. That vehicle, by the way, does by and large belong to you! And after your body is compromised, well, these bureau-technocrats are coming for your mind and your soul!


Well, you’re not going to let them have their way with your stuff.

What you can do is reach outside of your body with the power of your mind. Extend that reach through the power of very simple instruments that you can put together from materials that are lying around in the kitchen or the garage. Maybe a few things you’ll have to order from Walmart, eBay, or Amazon. But, it will be affordable for most would-be magicians to acquire these common materials.

The next thing you can do is read through my Vrilock Practical Guide series. In fact, I have a trilogy for you to download all of the guides in one package.

Purchase the VPG Trio and you’ll get ‘Metaphysics of Self-Mastery’, ‘The Miraculous Prayer Board Guide’, and ‘The Wondrous Wheel!’ all-in-one deal! Each guide (VPG1, 2, and 3) includes instructions for how to construct a simple but effective magical instrument to boost your magick and extend the reach of your mind into remote places!

So, essentially, you’re not confined to your quarters at all, so long as you have psionic magick! This is the ultimate bad boy and bad girl tech! Be a rebel. Be a psionic outlaw!

New to psionics? Never heard of prayer boards, radionics, wishing machines? Tom Vrilock? Charles Cosimano? Joshua P. Warren? No problem. I have a simple beginners e-book just for you!

Buy 'Keep The Magick High!' and download it tonight on your iPad or phone, computer or tablet pc. Shop here! >>>

Get empowered by psionics today! Things will change so much for you that it will seem as if you’ve leapt off the page of a comic book… for the rest of your life!

Psionics is a guarantee. It cannot be taken away from you. There is no interest or hidden fees. With psionics we are bringing an end to a monopoly.

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