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Renegade Population Reduction via Psionics Magick

Renegade Population Reduction via Psionics Magick

They deliver your boxes to your house. But in hell’s name the driver drops the boxes on the ground carelessly, or perhaps he shoves the boxes into your chest. Only, then the driver proceeds to gripe to you about what a hard day he’s been having.

Can you say renegade?

Neighbor causes your grief. Constant source of annoyance, aggravation, and disturbances. Only, the same neighbor then sends her children downhill to your yard so they can report back to mama and daddy.

Can you say leftover hippies?

Imagine it. What if your mom gives the family fortune to everybody else? Let’s say your father was pushed to the edge, dies, and the old bat blows every penny on people who don’t deserve a dime? Well, that’s not going to bode well for you and your siblings, to be sure.

Well, you’re probably fed up with the renegades, the hippies generation, and the sociopaths leftover from the sugar daddies, as well as the new morons who fail to assimilate into civilized society - and seemingly coming off the conveyer belts of some factory for human garbage.

What can one do about these scums?

Psionics! Yess!

Psionics gives you the power and the privilege of getting rid of disgusting humanoids and the occasionally forgotten cromag who escaped the jaws of the dinosaurs.


So, here’s what you need to do.

Make a list of the shit you want to get rid of. No good in wasting valuable time here. Ensure you have some order in your work here. Write it down. Then decide which is the biggest problem.

That problem is going to be number one on your list!

The next thing you need to do is decide in what way is best to use psionic magick to remove the problem. For this you will need to do some dowsing about the target. I recommend that you download my multimedia package ‘Dynamic Dowsing Disclosure’ so you can get started learning this most invaluable skills called dowsing!

Vrilock Dynamic Dowsing Disclosure Psionics

Now that you have an inkling of an idea about the weaknesses and strengths of your targets it is time to look at what skills you have in order to defend your property or to attack the adversary.

Simple. Yes. But these things take a little practice, so don’t get cocky, kids. Delve deeper into the necessary materials I am about to present you with.

Vrilock Keep The Magick High Psionics

All students of radionics, psionics, psychotronics, wishing machines, and magick need to read my book ‘Keep The Magick High!’, because everything radionics—both in theory and in practice—is explained in precise order as it should be.

With a thorough knowledge and regular practice of psionics each student of Vrilock will develop the power to take out renegades, and reduce to dust the hurtful inhabitants taking up your breathing space. In essence, if you really truly want to save the planet, start using psionics to remove those who are making your life miserable. But first, and know this well, you must be absolutely certain that your adversaries are indeed the consistent source of your displeasure. Look for repeatability. Check yourself if there are improvements you need to make. Then, if all is well on your end, then it is time to consider your adversaries as the cause of your ill-will. Knowing enough about the cause will help you to establish what causes you to have a difficult lot in life. Blasting someone for simply being inconsiderate is a waste of time, because quite frankly many people are inconsiderate of other people. For example, I had a babysitter who tried to drown me. Literally. I escaped her grasp, and ran back inside the house to lock the door. My brother felt sorry for the babysitter and let her back inside the house. That’s not necessarily someone who is an enemy, but rather the brain wiring is backwards. (Still, it does get tempting to blast his ass.)

No. You want to look for the real problems. (Like your boss, or the local bureaucrat. Politicians always deserve to get blasted by psionic magick. There can be no doubt about it.) So, then you will need to work on dissolving them from your presence or psionically removing these scums entirely. But, know for sure what you want before you make the effort. It can take time and energy to do these operations. So, it had better be worth your time.

Now, back to the knowledge of radionics and psionics. There are some things that you should know.

You’ve possibly read all the new-age fluffy stuff by Llewellyn and other publishing houses. Now, if you’re serious you’ll take more interest in the volumes written by the first student of Charles Cosimano. Namely, me. I’ve downed my fair share of worthless slime with my psionics and raw power of will. So, can you. But, practice you must. And it makes no sense at all to practice the methods outlined by people who’ve never psionically destroyed their enemies.

Once you’ve digested the materials I’ve presented here then you will desire to enter into my psionics training club. It’s kind of like a book club, except that you have access to purchase documents, journals, audio logs, and how-to videos that are not available to the ordinary web as you know it.

Masterful. Powerful. Practical. Join the club here >>>

Remember this. While the hippies would have you believing we all live in a yellow submarine, I’m telling you that we live on a planet of strife and contests. Your challenges are real. So, do not waste your time with the new-age fluffy business. That’s strictly for putting dollars in the pockets of the new age bunny. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the new age fluff bunny, but he’s furry around the collar. Lol!


So, take your phasers off of stun. And set it to vaporize your opposition. The world is full of people who will step all over you if you let them. So, don’t let them.

Vrilock has spoken. Keep the magick high!

Signing out!

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