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Psionics Theory, Practice, Entertainment

Psionics Theory, Practice, Entertainment

The power of psionics is real. There is no doubt in my mind after some forty years of working in this pursuit of mental influence and mind control via radionics, wishing machines, prayer boards, and magick. What I’m going to do here in this article is address where theory and practice are distinguishable, and then talk about the entertainment aspect of Vrilock Psionics Magick as well.

For those of you who don’t know a whole lot about me, I spend a great deal of time working on global projects with psionics. I also work very hard to generate content for my business, and then answer questions or assist club members with their training in psionic magick.

Prior to building a business in psionics training (and powerful entertainment for magicians) I worked contracts for engineering of all kinds. My work was highly regarded as professional in the field of technical documentation writing. Yet, the humanitarian aspects of my life are less known to the general public. Yes, I play the role of the super wizard Vrilock. However, I’ve actually worked some interesting side jobs while unable to secure my ordinary work in engineering.

One of these jobs was security. In a hospital setting. The first thing about working in a hospital that is very different from other kinds of security work is that while I’m registered to use firearms, I am not allowed to carry at the hospital while on duty. Plus, hospital environments can get insanely busy, often requiring double shifts in one day/ night.

While working as a guard in a hospital, and having all the certifications well in advance for this kind of side job (CPR/ First Aid, unarmed defense, firearms, batons, and security management), I met with some serious heart wrenching challenges. One of the most vivid of my memories is watching over a man who was confined to bed for attempted suicide. This man had jumped off of a building because his brother had been killed in a car accident. The patient’s forehead was swollen like a melon. The man’s awareness of where he was rolled in and out of reality and fantasy. For a time the patient believed he was in a car driving to see his brother. While the staff was thoroughly annoyed with the patient, I decided to try talking to the patient and guiding him in his car. The man even asked me to reach down and help him shift gears while he drove his imaginary car. Near the end of this man’s imaginary road trip he thanked me for helping him get there, and then he relaxed and went into a state of pure calm, allowing the body to heal as the mind and the heart became ready. I stayed by this man’s bed for some hours.

In another case we had a patient come in who shot up bleach. We were required to get a urine sample from the man. The patient had also used crystal meth. So, he could not urinate. It was a horrible experience to have to force a urine sample. This man was so incredibly strong it took about seven of us together nurses and myself to restrain the man. After the ordeal was over I stayed with him waiting for the psychologist to arrive. While in the room I talked to him. Mostly I listened. The man wanted to escape the hospital, and so I explained to him how that would not bode well for him to make such an attempt. Fortunately this man listened and decided to cooperate. I told him that I realized his strength, and that it would be very difficult for all of us to have to hold him down again. And I asked him if he really wanted to put me through that. He said that he did not wish to cause us any trouble.

There were many suicide patients I sat with and talked to for those 5 months on the job. Later on when I found a new engineering job I felt a sort of lament at having to leave the hospital. Sure I was going to have much better pay at the engineering job. But, there was a part of me left behind at that hospital. Every now and then I remember working the various shifts, morning, night shift, and graveyard. And every once in awhile I can see in my mind’s eye the body of the teenage girl who didn’t survive the trauma center after a car accident, and her body I helped to lift into the coolers in the hospital morgue. I can recall the dark hours of walking through the silent intensive care wing, with all of those patients who in bed were waiting to die, the lights low, and my hand touching the keys on my utility belt to prevent the noise from disturbing the patients. I uttered a soft blessing and prayer under my breath as I passed through the corridors of the dying.

Most people don’t know a whole lot about who I really am. When I play the role of Vrilock the super villain I am delivering a message of self-empowerment coupled with entertaining jests. Why? Well, think about it. Nobody wants to sit and watch a video with Mz. PhD or Mr. ScienceSays, and try to grasp what radionics, radiesthesia, psychotronics, wish machines, and psionics is. It isn’t any fun watching the squares talk gibberish. And, let’s face it… Psionics while simple in the beginning isn’t always real easy to learn, and the methods can become very complicated. So, I deliver my 40 years of experience in psionics in a fun way that allows people to identify with what I have to teach about psionic magick, dowsing, and radionics.

My belief is that if something is fun then you’re going to love it! And if you love your art, craft, and the work you do to build your own masterpiece of imagination power then you’re going to become an actual master of radionics, psionics, and magick. That’s a guarantee. In fact, psionics is likely the only other guarantee aside from the fact that you will one day die. However where psionics differs from other acquirements and accomplishments in life is simply this: Everything can be taken from you—except for your mental power psionic accomplishments. The power of your mind and spirit gets to go with you when you pass away from this earth.

So, while psionics sounds all very technical and science-fiction like, there is a real spiritual aspect to all of this, as well as the practical applications which are ascribed to radionics, dowsing, psionic magick, psychotronics, and wishing machines.

Now, as to where theory and application differ there is a hell of a lot of territory to cover here. Most of this theory vs application in psionic magick is covered in my psionics and radionics club at, as well in some of my ebooks and audiobooks at

Psionics requires some regular practice. The first thing to understand in particular with radionics is that we are in effect dowsing with basic machine interfaces. These machines do not need to have complicated components to be operated. (Where radionics gets complicated is in an area of sorcery and wizardry. This is not something which should be pushed on the novice radionics operator or beginner to psionics.) Download my multimedia package with the title ‘Dynamic Dowsing Disclosure’ to get started learning the barebones basics of the most fundamental skill for radionics. Dowsing!

When an operator sits down to work psionics or machine magick he or she is working with the assumption that by turning some dials and adjusting some components in some kind of arrangement that his or her willful intent is being registered by the forces of the invisible world. A basic acceptance that something will result is necessary in the attitude of the operator.

Let us say that if a sigil or spirit pattern is in theory a potential link to a disembodied entity, and if we tune a machine to that representative frequency of the pattern, then some connection and results will manifest. Now, these results may manifest as actual events. Such as taking a rate for a pattern associated with romance producing a per chance encounter with the woman of the operator’s dreams. However, many operations produce results which manifest as impressions in the operator’s mind or synchronicities in his or her surroundings in life. These impressions can actually manifest far later, and often the result may occur some days after the initial operation.

The operator may without warning experience what feels like there has been some ‘missing time’. Is this due to aliens abducting us? No! We have to understand that our work is in the invisible realms. Therefore the space/ time continuum doesn’t have the same restrictions on the psionic magick we work with.

To better understand how psionic magick operations play out in the background of our reality, consider our limitation of vision as human beings. We see with our eyes within a very limited band of the spectrums of light. It is very similar to our cognitive ability being limited to a rather narrow spectrum of consciousness—ordinarily. With psionics, and regular practice, we can craft tools which help us to pry open the mind’s eye a little wider, and stretch out our awareness to the realm of unfathomable recesses of reality in this universe and beyond.

On a final note I will cover herein the subject of morality.

One of the more difficult areas of pursuit for some operators is the idealism of some cosmic benevolence which requires humanity to adhere to some rules about being a good moral human being. So, let’s talk about this now.

There is no one all-pervasive-goodness in the universe. At least not in the entirety of the universe. To the best of my knowledge there are good entities who shape chaos into order, and lay down a fundamental foundation from which their counterparts—us humans—use consciousness to smooth over the cracks and build upon the basic parameters outlining this world with structure and sustenance.

Karma is one thing I have a problem with. Primarily because it has been used as a control mechanism. But not for the reasons you might be thinking. Karma is dropped into the equation of mind-stuff so as to generate a formulation for other people to take advantage of us. For instance, I had a friend who dramatized karmic laws for other people to follow, but then this friend asks me to arbitrarily attack someone with psionics—and I’m not allowed to ask questions about the reasoning behind this seeming request that spells out more like a command. And it is being asked of me because I need some help in growing my business. So, therein where a weakness is revealed or a need exposed to the wrong person—well, they’ll take advantage of us. (I could go on. You’d be shocked to realize what people you idolize are really like.)

No. I’m straight-forward and honest with my clients, my students, and club members. Psionics is about self-empowerment. Power is something that you need to have. Trust me, if the naysayers and social do-gooders had their way with us they’d castrate us, chastise us, and strip any knowledge from our minds of how to defend ourselves so that they could have their perfect world of all of us behaving, while they themselves live a life of indulgence.

Never trust someone who tells you that you will make money on a hunch or a bet. That’s good fun if you can spare a little side money. But, for the majority of people interested in magick and psionics sorcery we need proper guidance to get to where the real wizardry begins to show results in our personal lives. For instance, your problem might not even be solvable by money—or at least not by money alone. Maybe there is something troubling you in the way you approach relationships. That is solvable by a discipline of rune work, daily meditation, and then maybe glazing over and smoothing out the cracks with a little radionics. But not just tuning a wishing machine alone. Only a fool thinks everything is fixable without any effort.

Bottom line is… everything takes effort. You’ve got to fire up your willpower. Live the magick lifestyle. Practice with a little bit of persistence, and then know when to back off and let magic manifestation flow for you. My method of instruction is to teach a student about dowsing, and then an overview about radionics and psionics. Then we move into focused-concentration. Once this has been achieved and well-learned we can begin a serious pursuit of the aspects of magick and sorcery, patterns, and various methods psionic magick.

This is where theory and practice are distinguished. Anything else selling on the market for radionics is sheer quackery. Think of psionics as a form of—hmm—martial arts or any kind of serious study. Things do get easier as we progress. In the beginning we need to unlearn a lot of the nonsense that clouds our minds about the true nature of the force, of reality, and of magick in general.

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Thank you for your support in my work!

Keep the Magick High!

Vrilock signing out!

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