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Psionics is Individual Power

Psionics is Individual Power

To my psionic magick students I ask you to know the difference between a philosopher and an engineer. While both pursuits recognize and adhere to reason, one of these individuals applies that which works. The other individual moves in circles around ideology. In psionics we land somewhere in the middle of these two pursuits; though, much like the engineer there is method to our madness in psionic magick and radionics. This area of techno magick incorporates radionics, psychotronics, wishing machines, psychometrics, and dowsing into a system of willful magick technology. This psi mind technology is the power of the individual magician.

Consider the grand totality of Earth’s history. You’ve read enough of it since grade school through high school to gather a rough idea of where we are and how we got here. Maybe you’ve devoured the turning points of the centuries through some vigorous college coursework. Know then that while the average person goes about his day unwary of the power structure looming overhead, that there are also those more fanatical persons who live parallel with each generation and who then preach the calling of the anti-christ or proclaim that we have at long last arrived at the End Times.

Everyone throughout the ages has believed that their time is the turn of the century. Likewise, critics of the status quo believe the next generation is being dumbed-down by society systematically. Each generation believes the next wave of young people are incredulous morons.

Where am I headed with all of this we-think stuff? Exactly this… I want you to think for yourself. Don’t bother trying to extend your reasoning to the multitude of people across social networks. They’re usually too preoccupied with whatever the establishment is telling them to think. People on the whole are deeply immersed in what is fashionably acceptable for their times, or following the dictum of Mr. Science-Says. So, think for yourself, and act for yourself. If you can do this, and meditate, and practice a little dowsing with a pendulum, then psionics magick is right up your alley. Honestly, why bother with flame wars on Twitter or Facebook? If you’re a psionics operator you’re going to be too busy actually doing things to waste time tweeting things nobody is going to agree with.

Some of the best moments in my personal life have been those times when I am entirely at peace meditating with my psionic helmet. For instance, in communion with those who have passed away, I often feel a greater sense of nobility, truth, and inner prosperity than at any other time.

‘The Miraculous Prayer Board Guide’ includes methods of psionic magick for communion with the departed and our loved ones. ‘Metaphysics of Self-Mastery’ teaches students of psionic magick how to build a telepathic rod which can aid in contact with the higher self and inter-dimensional entities, and intelligences of all kinds.

For the most benefit of psionics magick including my personal journals, audio lessons, documents, and how-to videos, consider the Vrilock Occult Concentration Universal System in my Vrilock Insiders Club!

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Whether you are delving into psionic robots, remotely tapping into computer operating system with your mental presence, stopping super typhoons, healing people with magick, fighting battles in the etheric realm, contacting the dead, or exploring the universe with your free mind, psionics is fully detailed in Vrilock’s Insiders Club. Plus, there’s a good volume of easy-to-read books and audiobook in the Vrilock shop! (Bonus comics for magicians are included in most of Vrilock’s materials!)

Keep the magick high!

Vrilock signing out.

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