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Delve into the Psionics of the Necronomicon

Psionic Necromancer ebook Tom Vrilock and Artist Lady KA

Abruptly a voice whispers behind my left ear. A wisp of subtle air brushes my forearm. Thoughts trickle down the crown of my head, and fireflies light up the inner screen behind my eyelids. And without warning my entire cranium is filled with a brilliant light. Elsewhere and remote I am a pinpoint of consciousness in the great void. A ring of clear light expands into an unfathomable chasm, its circumference unknowable. My identity stripped as the room I was sitting in falls away from my senses.

Well, it doesn’t always play out so dramatically. The experiences of altered consciousness have ultimately opened some doors far sooner than I’d anticipated. Yet, ordinarily the experiences of communion with disembodied minds is rather mild. This is because regularly these communications take place within the framework of my mind machines, dowsing instruments, and the Miraculous Prayer Board.

Of all experiences most comforting, aside from remembering the caress of one’s mother in our infancy, is to be able to communicate with the departed. I assure you that in most cases communion with disembodied minds is nothing like what people watch on Ghost Adventures or listen to on Darkness Radio. These disembodied minds and other entities we speak to in psionic magick are not the boogieman. Far from it. Rather, spirits are truly the friend of the psionic magician. So, we needn’t be afraid of spirits. We’re working with disembodied minds, but still these are minds nonetheless. And while their mental state and environment is different from our own incarnate reality, their usefulness to the living is invaluable. And, as I’ve said, the ability to commune with a disembodied mind is often more comforting than frightening. Most of the things we hear about in religion or see on the television in regard to the supernatural is idle fear mongering. The greater degree of this nonsense stems from ignorance, while to another level these stories of awe and terror is instilled in us by the powers of the elite who do not wish for us mere mortals to understand the universe we reside in.

Well, Mr. Vrilock is here to tell you that psionic necromancy is quite different from the old traditional ritualism of early necromancers. I’ve written a chapter touching upon some of the grotesque rituals associated with cultish necromancers of earlier periods. Some of which is still in practice today by those involved in special interest groups, secret societies, and so on. But, while both systems (traditional vs psionic) yield some results in contact with the dead, psionic magick is lightyears ahead of our medieval grimoires. In fact, you don’t really need to bother with a great deal of these sigils, pentacles, and seals to breach the barrier between the world of the living and the lands of the dead. Many brilliant minds who have been disembodied decades or centuries ago are readily approachable by merely having some arrangement set up to receive their residual energy, and form a bond for communication with the disembodied mind. It is, after-all, all about energy, frequency, and vibration. Thought runs the gamut in the world of psychic and spirit. If we can master some of these psionics methods in my book ‘Psionic Necromancer’ then we do not need to use outdated rituals or pour over moldy old tomes to discover secrets of the underworld, the netherworld, the dreamlands, and the realms beyond space and time.

Every psionic necromancer will, however, need his or her own personal necronomicon. Don’t worry. You don’t have to buy a necronomicon. My book teaches students of psionic magick how to create a simple book of names of the dead, and gradually categorize this book as the number of names are added to various sections of interest.

The interest and willingness are key to making all of this work. That initial desire must be cultivated by an earnest interest (perhaps even enjoyment) in the pursuit of communion with the various disembodied minds roaming around in the invisible spectrum. In my book I talk about my true joy in establishing contact with a mind I assumed was once the vehicle for Nikola Tesla. During this wonder of conversations Tesla’s mind revealed to me a secret about what lightning truly is. This and other secrets I share with my readers in my new book ‘Psionic Necromancer’.

The important power that readers gain from this book is a means to get started in their own pursuits of independent knowledge and powerful techno wizardry. I enjoy venturing into the world of the mysterious, and I’ve made sure to include many means by which my following may join me in the pursuit of psionic power from beyond the grave. For which there is much mystery to delve into. A lifetime of adventure into the realm of departed souls, disembodied minds, and all manner of entities awaits your mind! (Have also conversations with spirits of different time periods and cultures! Ever get tired of the typical attitudes of today’s contemporary media and self-centered culture? Go back in time to speak with the ancient ancestries in Europe, Asia, the Far East, and the Mediterranean! All you need is this book and psionics!)

Get the experience from my book! PSIONIC NECROMANCER!

Devour its secrets! Delve into the wells of souls! Meet and merge with other minds from across the galaxy! (Think of what could come of your communion with brilliant disembodied minds! Say, with the removal of Chinese electric stuff around the country, do you think perhaps we’re nearing a release of the old Tesla technology? Maybe we will! Ask the dead for help! They’re more than willing! We just need to open the way!)

((Checkout my podcast about communing with Dr. Patrick Flanagan on Podbean or get it on iTunes!))

An entire Necroverse of realities beckons our would-be and new psionic necromancers to explore! Break into the other-side of realities! Until next time… Keep The Magick High!

Tom Vrilock, signing out!

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