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Vrilock Psionic Magick Money Vampire

Psionic Money Siphoning Vampire Servitor of Vrilock

Buzz. Whrr. Incoming from the Psionic Brotherhood! Tonight Vrilock is going to share with you a favorite template you may copy and printout to splice your own psionic magick servitor that will bring you money from the government or anyone else who’s super rich! Siphon a fortune from huge organizations by bending the world of coincidence to your favor!

So, without further ado… Let us begin!

Alrighty, ladies and gentlemen. This psionic magick minion is crafted from my own personal templates to act as a real Robin Hood kind of spirit servitor.

Alright you can quit rubbing yourself in funny places! And please stop drooling!

Muwahahahaa! Onward!

To use this spirit template for your own projects simply print out the pattern, give it a name, even alter it a little if you like, and take a rate for it on your radionic box. You will need a source to pair with your spirit and radionics. For instance, place a signature from your stimulus check on to the input of the machine and run this rate through your newly created spirit servitor. Focus on the pattern and instruct the spirit to bring you money from the rich. Or any other source which has billions of dollars to spare. You know, the types of money pools that are ordinarily used to fund lobby or other forms of what should be considered criminal but in our backwards society are tolerated as the usual business.

To learn more about crafting these servitors please join my club at or read through my books and listen to my audiobooks at the shop. Don't forget to check out my new ebook 'Psionic Necromancer' and my beginners book 'Keep The Magick High!' right now in the Vrilock Psionics Store!

Until next time… as always, always,


Vrilock signing out!

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