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Psionics Splicing the Monopoly Man and Robin Hood

Psionics Splicing the Monopoly Man and Robin Hood

Following my release of the money vampire spirit glyph I’ve received some feedback from magicians pursuing project Robinhood. Tonight we’re going to work on splicing the Monopoly Man and combining some attributes together while discarding the stuff we don’t need from demonic egregores.

So, without further ado… let us begin!

Alright so before we get started here make sure that you listen to my podcast about ‘Psionic Tethering’. As a side note, psionic tethering allows operators to collaborate on magick projects that ordinarily fail because too many cooks can spoil the broth as the old saying goes. But tethering is a breakthrough in radionics that I have invented. (And so far our tethering operations in the Vrilock Club has had an impact on 5G takedowns.)

Splicing the image of the cartoon character from the game monopoly and the image of Robinhood is a fun way to give form to your spirit template. If you’ve listened to the past couple of podcasts and have followed my blogs then you’ll recognize the vampire glyph I’m talking about next.

So, take the template I gave you and duplicate it. Place an image of Robinhood or the Monopoly Man into a computer scanner. With the images scanned, edit the layers. Merge the glyph with the cartoon character of choice. If you have simple software just change the opacity of the images so they’re semitransparent and lay the two images over one another. That will produce your new template to work with.

Print it out.

Paste it to a clean piece of card stock paper. Write the name of your entity on to the card stock on the backside.

Take a rate for this servitor and begin thinking to it.

For more information on crafting these servitors download my audiobook ‘Fantastic Facilitators’ or ‘Dynamic Defenders’ tonight!

To understand the operation we’re working on here we are simply removing the non-programmable characteristics of the old demon (usually they’re just egregores and not real spirits), and merging the qualities we want into a new form. This new form as I’ve explained before is the template. The template is still a variable key, as we can continue to splice and recode the entity indefinitely, and we can even make clones of the same entity with the ability to self-replicate.

Until next time… as always, always…

Vrilock signing out!

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