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Radionics: Science or Magick?

Tom Vrilock Science says Magick says Psionics Artist K.A.

Tonight I’m talking radionics myth vs truth. More specifically I will disclose how radionics is indeed magick, and not a science at all. While we may propose that quantum mechanics has something to do with particle wave theory, radionics has very little to do with quantum mechanics; if anything to do with science at all.

So, without further ado… let us begin!

What is radionics? Well, now that is the question researchers in the field should have asked themselves from the first day, but perhaps if they did that these men should have been standing back a ways before declaring radionics a scientific research. ‘Scientific investigation’ would have been perhaps more accurate. Definitely not science research. All in all, the early technicians and engineers of radionics were going about this whole psychotronics pursuit in the wrong direction.

I think that the intrinsic or beautiful designs of radionic boxes or psionic machines as crafted by David Tansley were more likely in the right direction than those psychotronic machines and radionics built by other pioneers in the field of psionics of that period in time. My own personal designs I build for my own use at home are crafted in such a way to allow for the implementation of occult focused-concentration, thought-crystallization of constructs, and variable machines capable of including conditional rates. (Conditional rates which must meet a literal condition in order for an entity or energy to run the course of the circuitry.)

Truly radionics is magick. Essentially a radionic box is a dowsing machine. Traditional radionics is a rather passive art until we graduate into the field of magick that we refer to as psionics. Psionics is machine magick with applied mental focus, mindful will, and powerful intent. My mentor before me, Mr. Charles Cosimano, had defined psionics as radionics and magick combined with psychic ability. And essentially we’re saying the same thing, with perhaps my emphasis leaning more at the focused-concentration end of the spectrum.

Why I consider myself worthy of writing on the topic of radionics and psionic magick at all is a good point to make here and now. For those of you who are less familiar with my background I am the first student of psionics master Charles W. Cosimano. At one time I was Chuck’s greatest student. Since that time many more students have joined and surpassed my abilities in remote influence. Where I do specialize is in the overall global influence types of operations, macro kinetics (moving cosmic bodies), and psionic robots (tunable servitors). So, when you join my club you will learn very quickly that I’m an honest mentor in psionics, and while I do not promise to make you the richest man in the world I can certainly help you become very powerful in the initial phases of psionic magick, and even give you some pointers in to my personal discoveries and breakthroughs in psionics and magick. The one benefit I will give my students is that I offer journals, documents, audio logs, and how-to videos which include both my successes and my failures, so that students can better learn from my overall experiences. While there are some good books on magick through big publishers like Llewellyn, Penguin Putnam, and Raven, there are unlikely any other authors like Charles and myself whom will teach you the truth of the matter in psionics.

My successes and mistakes I include in my personal experiences in magick and psionics in my club. That in and of itself is priceless and invaluable knowledge. But, I am giving you this wisdom of psionics at a fair cost to you. For the same price one might pay for one fairly good paperback I allow you access to thousands of dollars worth in personal experience in psionics for the very same price of $29.99/ month! That’s it. That is all you’ll ever have to pay, plus some small purchases now and then at a discounted price inside of the club when you become a Vrilock Insider!

Everyone loves the Vrilock psionics club. It’s good to be in the club!

So, if you’re ready to leave behind the notion that radionics is somehow the same thing as quantum physics, then you are ready to learn psionic magick from Vrilock.

I am making new breakthroughs in psionics, while also taking on global projects for the betterment of mankind. These projects are unpaid. That is why I need your support. Vrilock has freed heroes from wrongful bondage, stopped super typhoons from destroying entire countries and coastlines, as well as mend some affairs which if not worked at diligently would have had us all in a very different boat by now.

The good news is that my club members are now taking on global projects of their own. This is a tremendous accomplishment for psionics in general. For one thing it frees up old Vrilock and other magicians from having to take on every challenge in the world. And for another thing it allows for me to study the methods and results of my colleagues in psionic magick.

You can’t go wrong with Mr. Vrilock. As my mentor says I’m a good fellow and honest. So, give us a consideration for your next purchase of magick books, audibles, and perhaps join my Vrilock Insiders Club.

For one-on-one projects which need special attention go to Charles Cosimano’s web site at and click on his email to ask for his service for your personal project.

Until next time… Keep The Magick High!

Vrilock signing out!

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