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Magical Messengers Audiobook

Download the Magical Messengers Audiobook to begin crafting spirit creatures fast and effectively with psionics! Bypass the lengthy traditional ritual summonings and begin making your life change in the fast-lane to psionics super success!

Magical Messengers are capable of helping you gain knowledge, improve your business affairs, and keep tabs on your important relationships to other people. And much more than this. A messenger spirit creature has a rather powerful and lengthy life-span via psionics. These creatures can become rather effective in moving information to your subjects or by extracting information from your subjects, relations, partners, and competitors!

Kinetically these entities can be crafted to serve you in near real-time magick effectiveness. During my work with a freelancer I asked my messenger to make sure that the freelancer made haste in a project he was humbugging for a couple of weeks. The results were spectacular and fast!

Until next time…

Vrilock signing out!


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