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Psionic Prayer Board Paladins

Miraculous Prayer Board Mini Vrilock Psionics Magick Shop

The interesting combination of mental focus, projected psychic ability, and a practice of belief or faith has yielded some astounding results in the Vrilock New Thought-Movement and the Psionic Brotherhood! This article will acknowledge some real people who have earned their wings as Psionic Miraculous Prayer Board Paladins! Mindful warriors of belief and/ or faith.

Those of you following my podcasts may have heard for the first time about my old student Napoleon Yam of the Philippines, or maybe you tuned in to Planet Vrilock Podcast to hear us interview Mewan-san, a qigong expert from Japan. I’m going to tell you a little more about these guests and how they have innovated some methods for working with The Miraculous Prayer Board instrument. As well, I will explain a little about the origins of the Prayer Board, and of course why I chose to go public with my invention.

So, without further ado… let us begin!

I’ll begin the story of the prayer board near the end of my work in Japan. The complete story is rather long, so if you’re interested in my life-path and the development of this instrument please read ‘The Miraculous Prayer Board Guide VPG-2’.

Leaving my home in America to live in Japan was not a mere whim or coincidence. A handful of very powerful spirits brought me to this peaceful mountainous, island country in the Pacific Ocean. In the beginning it was a nudge here and there to capture my interest in Japan. And then at length I was snatched up from my bed and pulled out of body on a wild flight aloft silver clouds and darkness, until I beheld the stars in the heavens, and at length I was brought down to the rooftops of a buddhist community where I was made to observe some children walking in two lines down a dark alley, somewhere between what might have been the hours of 8pm or 9pm. (The rest of the story, including my encountering spirits in Arabia during my international schooling years, you may read in the Miraculous PB Guide VPG-2.)

Needless to say I did find myself living in Japan for quite some time. First I lived there for a couple of years. Then I went back to Japan to live for several more years. Something continuously called me back, pulling at my spirit to return to this land. So, regardless of what I wanted for my school life and career in America I decided to follow my soul and fulfill a very important series of assignments. (Again, some of these experiences are detailed in my book VPG-2, my podcasts, and my club.)

To make a rather long story short, this prayer board instrument was designed to work with psychometry, and then with the heart chakra for the power of true faith or spiritual belief and compassion. We needed an instrument which would do the opposite of what much of the tyrannical elite sorcery threatened the world with. So, the prayer board is that instrument. What I discovered later is that the psychometry flowed both ways. Not only could I examine spirits, people, locations, and various energy signatures with the prayer board sacred geometry, but I could also infuse my own auric energies into the prayer board instrument!

I performed a series of path-working exercises to take my mind on a retrospective journey to my early childhood where I schooled in Riyadh’s International School (R.I.C.S., Riyadh International Community School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia). There was an important memory of during a family outing where I had ventured away from our group, and I trekked over some sand dunes, and how I had found a flat, hard stretch of rock strewn desert hidden behind the mounds of sand. There I encountered whirling elementals, the sounds of children’s voices, and a hand reaching down from the sun to touch upon the crown of my head. Upon receiving this touch I could hear these voices in English, and I could see the desert for long stretches in my mind’s eye and on the back of my inner eyelids a variety of images were displayed for me to view.

As I later came to realize all of these adventures in my life had been started by some higher calling. Catastrophes were prevented, stemmed, or reduced where I ventured in the world. Challenges were at times biblical in magnitude. I was tested by great fear and terror by both the physical world and the invisible spectrum of the paranormal. These encounters took a toll on my life-force. Drained my money. And at times I had no choice but to live very minimally to endure. Yet, help would come in various forms. Usually as new people or in the form of animals, or a blessing of nature, or a visit from a protective spirit from the invisible realms.

For years I wondered if I would ever make up for the loss of a real job, the loss of my stepfather whom I was very fond of, and the difficulties which closed in around me taking various forms, including finances, health, and social standing in society. I had always wanted to be a doctor; I often reflected on this realization of what I had lost in all of these years. But, in many ways I was already helping people—And, contrary to popular culture, that is what a doctor is supposed to be doing as a top priority. Money and luxury is a rewarding side-benefit that comes along with the appreciation and gratitude for humanitarian services. Yet, this society throughout the world has been under a very dark spell since as far back as I can remember, and likely long before I was born. And this power has become stronger over the decades of its influence.

I realized that the Miraculous Prayer Board should not be a hidden or occult secret. After all, the prayer board instrument is my own invention, and the spiritual journeys in my life, along with many adventures in the physical world, has encouraged me to bring this instrument to the general public’s attention. Yet, there is a certain degree of wisdom I would like to impart to my following, so that folks do not mishandle this marvel of psionics and faith.

Each prayer board begins as a prayer. It must be created in this manner in order for miracles to be worked with this instrument. This is why I build these instruments by my own hand. Yet, you may also build your own instrument as long as your intention is to use this instrument for yourself, and to help your loved ones. Building these instruments for sale and distribution as the core of your intentions will not work to install miraculous power to these instruments we build.

The next thing which must be performed is the careful construction of each instrument. This follows the prayer, and holding a realization that we are doing a good thing for someone who really needs a prayer board or for a person who feels a spiritual calling for working with this instrument—Which, by the way, now brings me to the introduction of my guests on my podcasts who are established prayer board users!

Napoleon Yam was my former student psionic philosophy (mental concentration and faith/ belief) before he went a different direction of his own in the building of radionics. When I first came into contact with Napoleon the weather around the Asia Pacific was going mad. Both Napoleon and I sensed a strong influence of darkness upon this weather pattern striking Asia. So, I went to work on some projects with my wife, and later we came into contact with Napoleon who already had some experience in folk magic, and a good deal of personal faith energy with which he could work with to contribute to our global weather adjuration projects. The problem was that our friend Napoleon was on a ship far at sea. Yet, Napoleon pulled together every material he could find on his ship to build a Miraculous Prayer Board. Not only this, but my old student merged the Miraculous Prayer Board with my telepathy node, and one of Charles Cosimano’s amplifying patterns. The result was an innovation.

Napoleon Yam Innovation of the Vrilock Prayer Board Psionics Instrument

So, I’ve often referred to Napoleon as the ‘MacGyver of Radionics’ because he’s very good at constructing radionics and psionics apparatus on the fly and in some rather difficult or life-threatening situations.

Also, Napoleon had a strong interest in this weather adjuration project because he is from the Philippines, and they’ve been hit pretty hard by many typhoons.

The next guest who has masterfully put the Miraculous Prayer Board to good use is Mewan-san, a tech savvy gentlemen in the I.T. industry who is also a kiko healer and qigong expert! I had a good two hour interview with this amazing gentleman, Mewan-san, and you may listen to this podcast on Planet Vrilock Psionics Podcast!

Mewan-san adapted his own methods of qigong, computer graphics, and merged these talents with the Miraculous Prayer Board. Mewan-san works with the Miraculous Prayer Board remotely, projecting his qigong or ki/ chi energy into the prayer board with some images. These images are photographed, then graphically merged with some mantras. Mewan-san shares these magical images on Twitter so that we can all work with his images to help push with our will a positive outcome for various humanitarian projects.

I offered that we combine the 'Wa' spirit of traditional Japan with the new humanitarian movement in QAJF, and Mewan-san responded with the following pattern arrangement!

Mewan and Vrilock put together Wa and Q with the Prayer Board

Miracles WILL happen when colleagues of psionics come together!

Mewan-san projects qigong focused energy at his prayer board, and then captures images of pattern arrangements to share on social networks!

Mewan-san Wall Mount Miraculous Prayer Board design by Vrilock

Here is a picture of Mewan-san's Miraculous Prayer Board Mini mounted on the wall of his home.

Keep in mind that what must be understood clearly is how this prayer board instrument came into being. The journey has been rather extensive. Many lives have come into contact with me, both the incarnate and the invisible, whom have either guided or presented challenges to me so that this instrument could be discovered as an idea, and ultimately crafted by hands to be a physical component to connect with the Cosmic All, and make changes in our lives which were otherwise not possible before this invention.

Yet, there is also another purpose in this Miraculous Prayer Board. That purpose is a cleanup operation. Let us who have studied and practiced the various occult and esoteric teachings be frank: Everything the so-called great occultists touched became poison to other people. For example we need only reflect upon the ideologies of Crowley with his law of Thelema, the Pansophical lodge, and Gregorius in favor of an anti-Christian society in support of the Beast; He who’s temple became the new Saturnian lodge after the dissolving of the Pansophical lodge on Maundy Thursday in 1926.)

So, the Miraculous Prayer Board is your shortcut past the exhausting rituals of tradition. (Often the old ideas are based on false and misleading justifications; Ideologies which tend to win out over that which is actually good [as in favor of humans] in occult circles because of the occult nature tending to lead to rather group-minded--perhaps even socialistic--trains of thought.)

You will embark on a journey into psionics (Individual and willful mental projection with mind-machines or tunable radionic interfaces to help you work the miraculous, and much more profoundly than even our past magicians.)

So tune in to the podcast to find out more about the world of Psionics! Plus you can learn more about my special guests on the show by visiting the podcast url! Enjoy Planet Vrilock Podcast here! >>>

Until next time, as always… ALWAYS…

Vrilock signing out!

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