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Collectors Edition Vrilock Psionics Paperbacks!

Vrilock Practical Guides to Psionics Trio Paperbacks Collectors Edition 2020

The journey of my life into the magical thinking, the philosophy of the occult, and the wonder of metaphysics began long before my initiation into psionics or even magick for that matter. The path to becoming a magician opened with not an invitation but more of a series of nudges, pushes, and pulls from the invisible worlds operating around my childhood for reasons which eluded both myself and my family members. This adventure truly unfolded once my feet left the ground of my homeland and brought my entire family to Saudi Arabia for a period of two and a half years, roughly, and opened my eyes to cultures unfamiliar, and yet a desert world that seemed to have spun wildly out of my dreams before me.

I am presenting to my readers tonight a grand magische of paperbacks which comprise my collection of my life journeys, heartfelt memories, challenges in my life, and the unfolding of magical secrets whispered to me and eventually revealed to me in a clear light of gnowing.

Each one of these books in my trilogy introduces the reader to some concepts to reflect on, and then we journey through some fragments of my mysterious past before delving into the more esoteric revelations. Eventually the student reading my books will discover a simple exercise and a very easy to build (and cheap) instrument to bring out powers of the mind; which is the work of psionics.

In our first volume ‘The Metaphysics of Self-Mastery’ my adventure in the mysterious begin with my childhood years studying abroad in Arabia. We will learn about what we’re all up against in society starting from Day One! Then we will gradually unveil the invisible world as seen through my eyes and my mind from the earliest years on up into my adulthood; including a revelation from a spirit pouring down from the sun into my crown when I was six or seven, to my telepathic experiences with my stepfather during my early and late teens, to continued mental contact with my stepfather for some years after his death. Plus, my readers will learn how to make a psychic antenna or telepathic node of psionic power!

In our second volume ‘The Miraculous Prayer Board Guide’ my adventure continues with the telling of the rest of my journey in Arabia, and then I move into my adult years living abroad in Japan where at long last I discovered an ancient life-force giving, consciousness awakening, spirit of the land which boosted my psionic abilities, and of a spiritual force which guided me to craft the very first Miraculous Prayer Board (which currently resides hidden in a temple in Japan). Plus, you’ll learn how to craft a very simple variant of my prayer board from simple items that you can buy at an art and crafts store, and possibly even at your local Walmart for pennies on the dollar! This instrument I will teach you to use to balance your energies, summon spirits to do your bidding or to help you in life, and to work miracles that you may manifest or project into the lives of people you love!

In our third and final volume ‘The Wondrous Wheel’ I revisit the more interesting moments of my childhood, and retrospect on how my hobbies of taking apart home appliances with my stepfather’s screwdriver set grew into an earnest pursuit of building my own electronics, and discovering that my mind could communicate with computers. I will share with my readers some exercises for developing this talent called telemechanics, and then I’ll show you how to build a simple machine from parts in hobbyists kits and simple crafts that will help you boost kinetic magick and make thought-forms approach near real-time results in the objective world!

All of these books combined will help my readers to learn how to deal with a world moving into totalitarian order, artificial intelligence, and the robot takeover of our societies around the planet.

Learn from my knowledge! Plus, enjoy this collector’s edition on your bookshelf! They’re beautifully illustrated paperbacks!

Until next time… as always, always…

Vrilock signing out!

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