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Extended Manifestation Beyond Psionics

Evolution of magick in Vrilock Psionics Club

Extended manifestation must go beyond psionics as the usual methodology teaches. Thus, we bring into light the arcana of the elder ones, and the occult wisdom to psionics, psychotronics, and radionics magick! Let us begin where we last left off in the Vrilock Psionics Training and Technology venture!

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There is of course some work to do. And let us be honest... resistance to your intent awaits you. Allow me to explain this to you, and of course help you overcome the elusive and enigmatic karmic powers of the orlog which stands in your way to success, as well as the inconsiderate actions of your fellows. With this information understood you will be on your way to overcoming obstacles, and metaphysically restacking the cards in your favor.

Ordinarily mental projections for attainment of position, status, money (promotions, new career, business partnering) will fade along the journey. Typically, a mentor instructs students to add energy by re-taking the journey, visualizing the goal, results, repeatedly or by setting a rate on a machine. There are, as a matter of course, obstacles along the way for the untrained individual. This article seeks to demystify the common obstructions to successful operations.

The position on the playing field of life is typically measured by one's associates, the opinions of other persons who make decisions for individuals as well as groups. This, however, is the grand illusion which you must train your mind to see through. And, to do so you will need to reset your perception of 'self'. Allow me to explain in greater detail what I mean by this... 'self'.

The distinction between self and true self is as elementary as identifying oneself as "me" or "I". The two forms of self-identification are seemingly simple enough for the majority of user for language and communication. However, deeper down this rabbit hole you will discover that the two forms of self-perception are very different indeed. But let us get on with the difference and how to apply this knowledge into actual technique.

"I" is the identifier for true self. "Me" is the persona of the individual. This takes some explaining because we're so deeply nested in the persona, believing that this is who we really are. To explain, if you worked your whole life to put yourself through school, graduate medical school, or if you became a jack of all trades, the result is still a persona self. You identify yourself by the name others call you. This, however, is not the true self. It goes without saying that all you do in life is still important. Merit deserves to go where it is earned. These achievements in life are to be celebrated, but not necessarily venerated. At least not on the individual's psychological level.

The higher truth is that all space/ time is a construct, as so are its all-pervasive energies and forces, as well as the variety of elements which make reality believable, albeit enjoyable, dangerous or adventurous, eventful or uneventful. And so on, and so forth.

The "I" refers to the legendary or pre-biblical "I am". Prior to this the concept is derived from the Vedana or Hindu systems. It is believed that before the Hindu understanding of Brahman there was the Atlantean understanding of reality which was transliterated into the Sanskrit. For instance, the word 'vril' (in German pronounced 'freel') is a word derived from the Sanskrit sound 'vri'. Both are indicative of the living force (life-force).

Where the individual is concerned here is to realize that the individual's true self is beyond even the highest powers of 'vril'. Placing the mind at this high level of awareness is a good starting point because we can bring all of the clarity and power back from the high ego self (true self) down to the persona (material and truly fictitious self).

So, life is fictitious in one sense--It is being written as you live. It was written before as well. The concept of time conforms to the various constructs it services.

Your mind is potentially above much of the cosmic-all; apart from 'vril' which is the force which drives mind, thought, cosmic events, and all material happenings in the universe.

Now to practical applications for extended manifestation and empowered thoughtforms or mental-etheric code: Place your conscious attention into the state of the "I am". Draw your higher self into the mental layers of the mind. Project a path before yourself with the vision you command to occur next or further out in your life path.

As a matter of course there are constructs, layers, tools, and much magic lore which can help you finely construct the temporal passage into your life path and alter the future without having to continuously recharge any thoughtforms. Now, I admit that this can be difficult to switch from one system of reasoning to another but rest assured that there are many slants and angles in magick which present loopholes for working all manner or operations. The key is not to painstakingly memorize every formula possible to man, but instead to be aware of the variety of formulas which are at your disposal. In this sense you are becoming savvy in both the magical formulas and the modern psi power.

Of the varying constructs and components which can help you accomplish extended manifestation is the runes. Runes, if learned and memorized as a key set of ideals, forces, and components to the universe and your conscience, can be most useful for a number of reasons. One of the greatest uses is for establishing and maintaining 'order' in operations and the end results. Another is the convenience of having a magical formula on the go; As you may be aware that one cannot be prepared for every slip and slope in life, it is reassuring to know that you may pull the runes from your memory, think, and project instantly what you need. There are some vague parameters of reasoning to apply when casting a rune from memory on the fly. More subtle influences are likely to work than those of spectacular invocations.

To summarize what you need to extend thoughtforms well beyond their normal metaphysical conditions, consider the following courses of preparation and training:

  • Video course: Vril: Fire & Ice

  • Video course: Awesome Amplifiers

  • Video course: Psionics Academy 101

  • Document: Hammer of Vrilock

  • Document combo: Soul-Keeper Combo

  • eBook: Psionic Robot

  • Audiobooks: Fantastic Facilitators, Magical Messengers, Dynamic Defenders

You can have all the videos listed here plus the Psionic Cryptomancer (video course), plus Romancing the Miraculous Prayer Board (audiobook), two complimentary electronic documents to aid in dowsing, and two multimedia players when you order a VMX Drive (plug-n-play)! If you order by November 30th, you will also receive a free fully blessed Miraculous Prayer Board Mini instrument (free shipping!)

As a matter of course you want to get started. I mean, you have things to do, people to see--or perhaps romantic encounters you wish to manifest or enchant--, and money you wish to summon your direction. With most training programs you could spend years working hard to develop superior remote viewing talents, psychokinetics, remote influence, dowsing or divination--the list goes on. Why do this? With psionics I teach you how to gather abilities which are truly universal, but which are not equally distributed by the powers that be. Thus, with augmentations and constructs like psionic robots or awesome amplifiers, psionic splicing, psionic necromancer--YOU command powers whether you own the talents or not!

Furthermore, and to the latter point just made, you have access to a means to an end that prior to the conceptualization of psionics (and its restructuring by first my mentor and later continued by myself). This means is the ability to alter the activity or value of information at a subtle or nearly fundamental level: that of the mental and emotional levels of reality. With the adjunct of sigil magick and psychotronics such as Awesome Amplifiers you can access nearly all levels of reality; Even the physical. Including its material and sub-material planes.

Moreover, with the advent of Metaverse, IoT, A.I., et all, and my new Quantitative Psionics (combined with Psionic Splicing, Psionic Tethering, and Psionic Robots) you can influence parallel realities to this one you and the entire planet are sitting in right now. It is not by any stretch of the imagination that the entire planet is potentially subject to your will—and its powers to become your advocates.

As a prerequisite to beginners and intermediate students we generally suggest that a student begin by reading the hi-lo series ‘Keep The Magick High (KTMH!)’, book 1 & book2.

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Or follow along the journey of the author, Herr Doktor Vrilock, in the Vrilock Practical Guides Trio VPG1, 2, & 3!

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The cat is out of the bag. The technology and knowledge governments around the world do not want you to possess is now yours!

With your good friend Herr Doktor von Vrilock you will…

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