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Lesser of Two Evils Auction!! Psionics Technology Training Manuals

Lords and Ladies… the 3rd auction is now live for Vrilock Psionics Technology and Training! Featuring the KTMH Duo! Two diabolical books that make you a psi global mastermind! YOU decide which is the lesser of two evils!

Bid now before your enemy gets these unique occult tomes of power!

Lesser of Two Evils Auction!!

2 psionics books of occult power by Vrilock

Auction!! Psionics Technology Training Manuals - Bid here! >>

Previously auctioned were Quantitative Psionics, Psionic Splicing, KTMH Original Publication, and Joshua Warren’s Prayer Board variant (handcrafted, and handed to Tom Vrilock at a restaurant in Henderson, Nevada)!

Read about Quantitative here >>

Read about Joshua’s Prayer Board here >>

These are all unique offers! So… Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime to own this duo occult book auction! YOU could be the next power in possession of these super collector’s editions!

Keep The Magick High!

Herr Doktor!


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