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A Miraculous and Mysterious Auction for the Curious and Occult Collector!

Today we have A Miraculous and Mysterious Auction for the Curious and Occult Collector!

Joshua Warren Prayer Board Auctioned 2023
Joshua Warren Prayer Board 2019. Auctioning 2023.

A Miraculous Prayer Board Instrument Featured on Coast to Coast AM Talk Radio!

Want to read a short story for free about four friends and entrepreneurs meeting up at a restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada to huddle around a unique magical item? Go to this auction page and read the short story >>

May 3rd, 2019… George Noory welcomed Joshua Warren to Coast to Coast AM Talk Radio to talk about a series of mysterious and curious stories; One of which was the emergence of a phantom magician who created the Miraculous Prayer Board (An instrument used to protect regions from inclement weather, and send remote spiritual wellness!)!!! Listen to the original show here >>

Well, this is your chance to own the first prayer board variant created by Joshua Warren with the blessings of Herr Doktor Vrilock, the phantom magician who invented the very first Miraculous Prayer Board; A powerful psychometric infusion magical item… which is currently, the original, protected in a temple in Japan!

But this is not the only story that will whet your appetite for the strange and mysterious! There is in fact another rare item currently waiting for a new owner to win this auction! This one is little known about except for in secret conversations amongst Herr Doktor Vrilock’s closest insiders and students (students who train in the club at )… It is called Quantitative Psionics!

Quantitative Psionics Book Auctioned 2023
Vrilock Quantitative Psionics Book

Yes! Until now nothing about psionics was quantifiable! But you could be the one person on the entire planet who holds this knowledge in your safe at home! Read this story to learn all about this magical book! And, by the way—this is the only book in print (with no electronic copies anywhere on the entire web!)

To date, only 1 copy of Quantitative Psionics exist in the entire world! Only one copy will be auctioned in this month’s posting on eBay. You are invited for a chance to own Quantitative Psionics - the secret to mental psionic brain enhancement!

Become the proud owner of this rare book! Occult collectors will raid your basement to crack your safe open to get this book! Quantitative psionics is one of the most exemplary works expressing the sheer genius of the occultist Herr Doktor von Vrilock, as the proud owner of this work comes to full realization of collecting a once-in-a-lifetime print expressing the formulas for going deep into the synapses of the human brain to make powerful enchantments, enhancements, and psionically augment your own reality!

This is the ONLY Quantitative Psionics book in the world, which breaches the guarded secrets of uncharted territories of psionics! QP invokes powers through EEG and BCI brain-to-computer science with simple tabletop drawings which will transform your intelligence and mental abilities into super psionic talents!

Who this book is for?

  • Book collectors

  • Occultists

  • Brain-to-computer enthusiasts interested in magick

  • Magicians, witches, and wizards

You do not need to possess any prior knowledge of neuro-science to understand this book. In this rare print the author explains the regions of the brain that allow certain functions to be tapped into psychically, magically, and psionically!

Quantitative Psionics is the king of books for magick in the modern age! Contemporary dabblers in the occult and techno cult will relish this prized and rare print!

Check out Quantitative Psionics Book >>

Of course there is always something new and exciting to learn about the mystical and mysterious at Vrilock Psionics!

Learn more about these marvels of magick and psionics training and psionics technology at!


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