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Psionic Splicing Book and Podcast

Vrilock foresees a future where all the major IT tech giants will transform and become more interactive and interchangeable across platforms and consoles. New cloud operating systems Vrilock envisions will be called Google and Linux Android Threshold, Microsoft Portals will replace Windows, and Apple Wormhole will bore through the fabric of the internet of all things. New dimensions outside of ordinary space/time as we know it will be incorporated in quantum and eventually chaos computing systems. Most of us may find ourselves utterly lost in the turning of the tide of super science and a near likeness to techno sorcery.

Fortunately many of us have embraced the path to psionics not only as a methodology and a technology, but equally as a philosophy guided by Vrilock’s Psionic Brotherhood. The Psionic Brotherhood aims to keep sentient minds in the loop of the ever transforming world-circuit! Albeit, a noosphere of thresholds which not merely transform life on earth but which will transcend consciousness to levels prior to now were considerably unfathomable. Overwhelming and unforeseen consequences are a given, and almost guaranteed. What isn’t guaranteed is the intactness of your mind in such a future-world; and it’s a world coming at us at the speed of light!

I wager not a day goes by without the more sentient minds realizing that fewer choices are truly of our own making. You must comply and wear a mask—whether that makes sense or not is irrelevant. You just simply have to do it or meet with whimsical and unpredictable consequences.

What if I told you that there is at long last a form of psychical methodology which will free the average chaos magician from the ideals presented in many magical circles? What if you learned tonight that you could reach into a medieval grimoire and pay no heed to its dire warnings, rip out the stuff that you want, and discard all that you do not care about? Sound farfetched? Well, it works a little more subtly than what I have just described. With the new power of Psionic Splicing we techno wizards can take advantage of the attributes we want to work with, while discarding anything we do not want near our precious operations.

Alas! Magick that will work with your plans is here!

The real question is this, “Whom is in control? Is it you?”

Listen to my podcast >>> Go Planet Vrilock! >>>

Keep The Magick High!

Vrilock signing out!

P.S. Join the Psionic Brotherhood when you become a club member at !


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