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Self Identity in a Techno New-Age

Is there a profound impact of digitalization to humankind? Is there existing evidence that digitization transforms contemporary culture? Is this culture exclusive to those born into a digitalized world? Or does this digit transference encompass the lives of all current generations? And to what varying degrees might this be?

There is a lot of territory to cover for the transitions of meaning of collective and individuals over the past few hundred years—But, we are concerned with modern times, as these times apply to us more immediately; And there are some challenges around the corner which will command your attention to return from the pages of history straight back to the here and now. Therefore, I propose we look back perhaps only a few decades to see where psionics has a position to hold on current topics of imperative and immediate concerns to our times.

One of the biggest recent changes in the American body social within the past 20-30 years has been the Wiccan and Occult movements. These cultures emerged from the New-Age of astrology, energy healing, yoga, and a merging of the East-meets-West. In many ways this has been an awakening for our society, and yet it is a transition which has challenged some traditional values in the grassroots and orthodox communities across the American nation. To make things more interesting for our western world we are now amidst a total economic disruption as we emerge from the industrial age, and are being ushered into a new digital era; Much of this transition has left people with ambivalence in regard to the vast availability of data and personal information.

What must be understood is that digitalization and globalization are synonymous and synchronized through the incorporation of digital technologies, and our ability to perform with these new advents in tech. The arrival of globalization is at or upon times of ‘uncertainty’. Yet, in arcane teachings this uncertainty might be thought of as the middle ground between two opposite ends of the same ‘thing’. Humans tend to see the world through the lens of sentimentality, and give up will power to external controlling mechanisms; addictions, phobias, institutions, authoritarians, drugs, doctrines, et.. Yet, if the distinction between the extreme opposites of a thing—for instance, hot and cold temperatures—is merely a perception or position along the scale of the same ‘something’, then perhaps uncertainty is merely a passing psychological stage that humanity will eventually transcend; Albeit, with the right visionaries to guide us into a new illumination of universal and cosmic truth, aided, perhaps, by our thoughtful design of digitalization as a new model for how we interpret or navigate reality; Even perhaps how we will influence and manifest our realities. This writer, for instance, views digitalization and psionics technology in a synergistic prospective future, whereupon our arrival our existence will be elevated into higher levels of vibration, and allow for humans to bridge between other dimensions regularly.

This transition will begin with the experience of what is termed ‘telepresence’; Which means that a person can experience what it is like to ‘feel’ present in a digitally created space or virtual space. This will further evolve for ordinary people into digital twins, digital triplets, and so on. What is interesting for witches and wizards here is that these tools also provide (potentially) a quick eject and projection mechanism for psionics. In a nutshell, most psyche abilities, psychic experiences, and extra sensory perceptions occur as some part of the conscience lets go of the body, and we are released from our disbeliefs which ordinarily hold us in check. With the advent of digitalization potentially extending psionics from its retrospective territory of radionics into digitronics, or biomechatronics with mixed realities, the ability to instantly experience altered states of consciousness will not only be possible, but it will likely be ‘tunable’. What this latter point indicates is that certain experiences will become measurable through advances in brain-to-computer interface (BCI) tech and electroencephalogram (EEG) cybernetic wearables and/ or bionic implants.

As my old mentor used to say “What exists can be known. What can be known can be measured. What can be measured can be controlled.” Thus, the future can only move forward. However, it still begs the question of what our self-identity is in such a new world? In some observations our identity and sincerity can be compromised in digital spaces, leading to behaviors people might not ordinarily entertain in-person encounters or interactions with other persons. Furthermore, peering through a lens, such as in taking video or photos on smartphones, has been conjectured to some how alter our intuitive natural perceptions into a new level of interactive perception.

Is this entirely good? (Read my article about Biometrics vs Biofeedback Psionics >> )

One cannot help but retain a degree of skepticism in the face of a metaverse reality. However, it is reasonable to assume that we will go deeper down this rabbit hole whether we truly desire this future or not. What is still possible today, however, is true human psyche and psionic training to help retain what is human in our own selves. And this is the real power that you still possess right now with Vrilock Psionics Training and Technology.

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