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Viva Voce and Voting via Psionics!

Candidates are subject to an oral examination during the presidential debates. But not all candidates. Those who are not in the duopoly are shunned by the ruling parties. A viva voce via psionics, however, can shed some light on truth, what is in our best interests, and as well what might be in the better interest of the greater majority of a nation.

Well, I’m not here to tell you who to vote for. Believe me, I have had it up to my helmet with relatives telling me whom is good and whose the real villain. In truth, to me they’re all the same: Politicians are all pond scum. Or so my glorious mentor Charles W. Cosimano has made it clear for some decades with numerous examples in his books, as well as in our personal conversations. I might add to this that the unelected bureaucrats are just as bile if not more so. The only real difference between bureaucrats and politicians is that the latter gets far more public attention and is always traveling around to places, eating rubber chicken and hotdogs on a stick while blowing hot air into a microphone before a very subjective and ill-informed flock of sheeple.

The average muggle (non-magick folk) is easily prone to the suggestions of the ruler parties, and whatever idea is placed into their heads tends to bring about some rather comic—at times dangerously annoying—activities from the flock. People who cannot think for themselves, those who are prone to impulse, tend to act out the ideas in their mind in various funny ways. (I remember back in 2009 I started working on a psionics project to see if women would go around topless in NYC. And it ultimately worked. The only downside is that it didn’t turn out to be as rewarding, as the people who act out such things give off this impression of soullessness and seem devoid of being remotely attractive. Which proves that the physical aspects of a person may not necessarily be the ultimate elements of attractiveness about that person. There’s something to be said about persona, character, and the heart of a person which makes someone attractive as well.)

Now, let’s get to the real meat of the subject here. We want a psionics solution to the confusion and hassle of voting. I made a video about this topic. Go watch my video on YouTube or enjoy the film in my Vrilock Theatre on my web site.

Bottom line… The Cosmic All, the universal intelligence, is smarter than we are. As psionicists we follow a philosophy of working with raw information, using intuitive and psychical means, sometimes psychotronic means, to arrive at an answer which will be conclusive for that time period that the information was received. To accomplish this we use psionics and dowsing. Now, I’ve been working in psionics and dowsing for well over 35 years now, and meditation for some 40 years. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that if one removes his assumptions and passions, goes into a meditative state, and asks some well-structured questions to the universe, then the pendulum will respond with honest and true answers. This isn’t as difficult as some might be lead to believe.

So, I’ve summed it all up for anyone who is interest in dowsing how-to learn, study, and apply dowsing relatively quick and fast! And ‘fast’ is real important to a lot of people right now as presidential election time and the consequences thereof and thereafter is right around the bend!

For a limited time only, download my multimedia package: Dynamic Dowsing Disclosure! You will receive a file containing documents, audio lectures, and a how-to dowse video like never seen before!

I’m the first student of Charles Cosimano, and I have been Chuck’s friend for decades. What I am offering you is the basics plus my own insights into dowsing via psionics!

Don’t you think it is time that you were empowered for a change? Well, nothing is holding you back! Download the multimedia package and enjoy the personal power I have prepared for you! Like Neo from the Matrix films, you jack into the system of psionics I’ve prepared for you, and then dive deep into the code of high techno magick!

Thank you for supporting my work! And until next time… as always… ALWAYS…


Vrilock signing out!

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Short News and Occult Report: Results are in. One of my colleagues has just announced her results using psionics on Florida. The governor has just announced a ‘no mask’ necessary statement, including a ‘we will never shut down again!’ follow through on that statement. So my colleague has just shared her results with Vrilock! Rock on! Use psionics and have fun!


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