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Magic, Mistakes, and Coaching

magic, mistakes, coaching psionics

Having a mentor and coaching program helps us stay on top of being effective and willful magicians.

I often look back on my life and think about many of the mistakes I’ve made. Was I a better writer when I was drinking my brains out?—No. I wasn’t truly happy. Could I have made more effort to be a better employee at my first job? Probably, but my mistakes also pushed me to look for alternatives to working an ordinary job. If my stepfather had spent more time with me, would I have learned to work with computers as he had? Probably, but this wasn’t in the cards.

The truth is that the individual must set out to make his or her own life, and not spend years blaming others for their mishaps or personality difficulties. We all make mistakes, but with a mentor we can do much, much more and be better at what we do. Support is something which is born from a good relationship with the right coaches to help you along the way to success. If you don’t have success, then you don’t have a mentor, or you need a better one.

So, I have to kick myself for not seeing the truth about working with other people, particularly coaches/ mentors early on. I failed to be consistent until the right circumstances brought me to a round about, and I realized that I was simply moving in circles and getting no where really fast. We see this in society at large, particularly in the western world today, and primarily as a result of losing the father figure as an important and honorable role in society.

I pounder why I failed to make better decisions at some turns early on in the big game of life. The condition of making bad choices is a recipe which usually gets written into the mind of a person from a failure point during the early stages in life, which then rolls into failure in later years. For instance, I used to quit things too easily. Perhaps it was boredom. Or maybe I lacked experience in learning what it was like to lose something, and go without a replacement for that something that was lost. Now, of course I wasn’t born a quitter. Far from it. In fact, I was dedicated to mastering martial arts at the early age of 6, and after coming home from overseas I again took up the pursuit of martial arts with my old instructor.

I remember the day of my return to the old school, after coming back from overseas, and having to start over at the level of white belt. While my stepfather was annoyed by the idea of my having to start from the beginning belt again (likely an attitude he picked up from my mother), I had no problem with starting over from the beginning.

So, I accepted the challenge to earn my way back up the chain of belts. The entire learning experience was also a good conditioner for attitude adjustment which built my respect for my teachers (I had two primary instructors, and one assistant instructor).

I excelled from white belt to yellow belt, and from yellow belt to green belt. At long last, and on the day I was scheduled to earn my brown belt, my mother declared that I had to quit kung fu. Her reason she told to my stepfather was that her son might use this kung fu knowledge as a means of revenge against her and my stepfather at a later point in life. Being young, I ventured to ask my stepfather to convince my mother otherwise, but he was hell bent on making sure that I obeyed my mother’s every command--or else I would be punished. Of these details I shall speak of further. The point here is not to blame my mother, but instead to analyze what learning curves I had, and how to go about making the necessary repairs to make myself stronger as an individual. These are all trials set in stone by the gods, if you will. So, all things I experience are on my head, and not someone else’s. I don’t excuse my mother’s actions, but rather I realize that focusing on somebody else’s fault does not improve my own situation in the big game of life. In fact, to focus on blame of other people will only make you—ready for this?—a loser! We see society today is full of these kinds of people who go around blaming others, and making no attempt to improve their own life in any way whatsoever. These people are destined to be losers, because that is what is in their heart. To be strong, the man wading through rough waters cannot scold the currents working against his body, but he must learn to build himself with these forces of oppression, so that he becomes strong as the gods are strong, and wise as the gods are wise. But, let us continue with this one example of my failure and learning to quit, just to illustrate a few points.

Well, as the story goes I was young, full of energy, and I didn’t like the decision my mother made for me, nor did I appreciate her having herself a glass of wine after my apparent defeat, but it was the first stage in learning to accept quitting as the ordinary thing to do. The initial programming of failure begins here, or as I remember it.

Now, let me put something straight about quitting. While it’s alright to fail at something, it is another thing entirely to quit at something without a damn good reason for it.

You still following me?

Alright. There are many people who are readily waiting for you to do poorly so that they can give you their two cents. But, that’s just all they’ll do. When you do well, when you make progress, these kinds of folks are dead quiet. They’re only waiting for you to make a mistake. These kinds of people do best in the group or hive mind culture. They are easily identified as the pseudo intellectuals who appear on television and news networks, jabbering about the latest hype, but never touching upon the issues their paid-off bosses do not want them to talk about.

Envy? Maybe. Could be all manner of mixed up feelings. A product of the 1960’s? Some people feel that to be true, also. I’m not entirely sure, myself, but I doubt that the 60’s was in any way a significant benefit to American culture. My interest being primarily in the occult did not necessarily benefit from the diversions of the 60’s generation, as the information about the occult was available prior to that period in time.

Ultimately, I believe that the individual must strive to become powerful in all that he or she learns. Power is the ability to get things done. It is the ability to defend oneself. And it is our ultimate advantage in the world of predators and prey to be powerful as an individual. You must understand as William Walker Atkinson (one of the founders of the New Thought Movement of the 1900’s) did during his own time, that the great majority of people in the society you live in do not truly have themselves. Or, we may reflect upon once popular films like ‘The Matrix’, wherein our hero (Neo) is listening to his coach (Morpheus) tell him about how those still jacked into the matrix system are potentially agents of the oppressive force that works against you. Thus, such is life. And the more one understands the value of being an individual, and an independent thinker, the closer that individual is going to be to graduating from this arena, and getting on to bigger and better things in the afterlife, and worlds upon worlds to come thereafter.

So, consider power as an essential tool for the individual.

Power is a great thing. All men need it. All men must have it! In order to have it we must be dedicated to its pursuit. Power of psionics is not so different from the powers attributed to the learning of martial arts. Both schools being truly worthy of pursuit do require the student to factor persistence / commitment into the equation. These are of course obvious expectations, but ones which people often fail to follow through on. But those who do are the ones to reap the tried and true benefits of an accomplishment.

Having said that, consider this. Getting powerful doesn’t necessarily have to be incredibly difficult. The benefit of a good coaching program makes this pursuit smoother and more comprehensive. Why? Well, one reason is learning from others who have already succeeded in some area of expertise gives the student a sense of certainty about the pursuit. Confidence can be difficult to build up on our own, especially if something is incredibly new to us. As well, there is a certain added benefit of knowing something about the life experiences of the instructor/ mentor. While not necessarily a direct relation to the benefits of magic, just knowing a little something of the life experiences of a mentor or coach can add value to the meaning of the pursuit in ways that build true character. For instance, understanding my personal experience of being under the control of someone who wanted to dis-empower me, drives the incentive for me to teach individuals to empower themselves. Perhaps, my broad experiences overseas may add a certain degree of new perspective to a relationship with a student of the occult. After all, I have lived in places that most people have perhaps only read about in books. Like an old sea captain I might bring back to my students tales of what I’ve witnessed, be it my excursions to ancient cities buried in the sands of time, to the high camel trails of Hoffus, or of the hour standing before the colossal and primordial power of Neoguri. All of these stories have something to lend to the earnest student of the occult, and even to those who simply have an interest in life experiences.

Moreover, my travels and vast experiences make me more open to learning from my students in turn. The man who is truly powerful is one who accepts new experiences, and earnestly attempts to learn from where he can.

As it goes for finding a coach, there are too often the cases of mentors who work from ego, overconfidence, and generally a lack of real world experience. Having performed great feats in magick, I must also tell my prospective students that I have had my miserable failures in the occult world and the ordinary life alike. Only, in the occult world things can move from normal to bad, and then to dire straights very unexpectedly. Unlocking doors to the unexplored realms can change things rather quickly.

So, a good mentor program is advisable. I will talk about some of the benefits of mentoring/ coaching in magick shortly. But, what about having to go at it alone?

Well, some of us have had to go at it alone. I understand. Thinking in retrospect on my life, I remember after having left the kung fu school I came into contact with my old instructor on my walk home from school. A group of thuggish kids were following me home. Well, my instructor just happened to be jogging by, and stopped to talk to me at a rather interesting turn in my luck. Long story short, my instructor advised me to keep practicing what I had learned, but to do it in private so as to not offend my parents’ decision to remove me from the kung fu studio. I appreciated this mentor’s advice, and I did not realize it right then but I would gradually become aware of my own purpose in life in a way that school, work, peers, and family could never discover for me. I was, like it or not, destined to become a guide, teacher, and philosopher of the invisible realms, and to help others find themselves, their meaning in life, and possibly help people escape the doldrums they might be in. I’ve had many experiences wherein I switched roles, having once been the student, and afterward becoming the instructor. Seven years in Japan gave me the opportunity to work with a wide range of age groups, different social classes, and personalities. Some of my students were engineers and company CEO’s, while others were as young as three years old, and a few that were even younger. My great friend and student was nearly 82 or so before he passed away, and his interests in learning English went beyond conversational English, venturing into areas of science and technical English, as well as cultural and psychological differences between our different peoples. So, my interaction with people of different backgrounds, nations, social classes, and ethnicities is quite diverse and extensive.

My own quest for personal power began with necessity during my earliest years of life. I was searching for a means to defend myself from what I deemed was a series of spiritual assaults. I’ve had my moments of being pressed down, paralyzed, and injured in my experiences with the invisible world. And while these things did not always work out for the best, I’ve managed to learn and grow with these experiences.

So, if you decide to train in my programs I will make sure that you get the best service from me as humanly possible. My commitment to you is built on my understanding of failure and success from both ends of the spectrum, and I honor my word. Because I am able to honor what I say here, I have a solid understanding of who I am. This is part of being a truly powerful individual who can be trusted, and it is something I aim to impress on all of my students. Accomplish what you set out to do, or at least give it your best. The reason for this is simple, and not necessarily moral. Understand that if you do not succeed in this initial impression I am asking of you, then you will have a much more difficult time later down the road during your own occult pursuits. That is, one must sculpt himself out of stone before making an impression upon the rest of the world. Spirits will see through your egoistic projections, your lies, or your denial problems. An attempt to deceive spirits will only hurt you in the long run. There are enough challenges waiting for you out there, so please master self-discipline with me first, by reading some of my guides. This will help you get prepared, and give you some idea of how far you want to pursue your learning experiences. Plus, you will have the added advantage of knowing some things about me before moving forward with any new training paths. I cannot emphasize this relationship which is built through a solid coaching program strongly enough.

Being powerful is good. But, only if one is honest with oneself about this power. Even the best of us have our weaknesses, and we’re not always the greatest wizard on the planet at all times. I might be overly preaching here, but I like only that one line from the film: ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. It is the line master Yoda says. Something along the lines of “The jedi is of the most serious mind[...]”. Something like that, anyway. Well, when it comes to facing 31 landslides in Hiroshima, colossal Neoguri, or as far back to the entities who followed me in the dark places under the earth in Arabia, or the times I was assaulted by spirits... one can only imagine how the mind must be made serious. And this is to say nothing of fending off someone trying to crush your heart through remote influence. Yes. Yes. You understand. This is serious business. Anyone can turn dials on a radionic box. But, only the man who makes himself powerful in his belief, will-power, and knowledge can withstand all of these influences. Which is what you will be working at accomplishing. Real magick taken to the next level, included, such as my psionic robots and thought-crystallization instruments. What is most important in any of this work in psionics or magick is you. Not so much the machines. We can go beyond machines, casting these instruments aside like the training wheels of a bicycle, making your brain a psionic psuper machine.

But, by the same token, do not let all of this intimidate you. If the student works at these practices as outlined in my guides, he or she will become powerful in a progressive path of stability. You will always know where you are next headed with these lesson guides. And perhaps a surprise here and there within, as I enjoy crafting unique materials for my readers. What is important is to keep up to date with your practices. So, please read through my guides, and stay tuned for our new programs coming. For those of you who have read my guide ‘Metaphysics of Self-Mastery’ you have the understanding about what we’re up against starting from day one in life, and you have advanced to building an instrument that will help you accomplish higher levels of awareness, and which will ultimately take you on the path to independence of will, and true freedom.

So, I hope that you will join me in the quest for personal empowerment and independent knowledge. For your commitment I offer you my passion for the pursuit of magical empowerment. A gift that should truly belong to the world we live in today. Together we will explore all that the mind and spirit have to offer you in this lifetime.

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