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Not Satisfied W/ Magick? Let’s Train You Up!

Magick is Technology

Personally, I hear from all walks of life about the difficulties of getting mixed results in magical operations. I am familiar with those who are new, and those who are simply stuck in an area of magick. While my own occult knowledge is multifaceted, my preference of specialization is focused concentration. I’ve found this area of the occult to be the most rewarding and promising pursuit for both beginning magick students and intermediate magicians alike.

For those who aren’t real sure what magick is, allow for me to first point out what magick is not. As follows:

  1. Magick is not a quick fix for all of your problems.

  2. Magick is not a sex and drugs pagan party in San Jose or Reno.

  3. Magick is not the power of the devil. (Although evil is certainly real.)

So, then what is magick?

  1. Disciplined will

  2. Focused concentration

  3. Commitment

The goal is self-empowerment.

Let’s talk about the first part of magick. A disciplined will helps the student of the occult to have control over his mind (and by extension, other minds). To arrive here we use a variety of methods, but primarily that of focused concentration. One of the great occult masters, William Walker Atkinson, placed high emphasis on the talent of focused concentration for a very good reason. Many of the ritual magical operations can pacify the magician’s will. Pouring sigils into yourself without doing the work alongside the patterns puts the sigils in charge of your energy system. These, Atkinson and others have said, are the paths to sorcery, which do not truly benefit the magician who desires to be ‘willful’ and ‘in charge’ of his own destiny. If you seek self-empowerment, start with our various awareness and concentration programs in the Shop. These programs are published as guides, audios, and eventually some videos, followed by the acronym VPG (Vrilock Practical Guides).

Why do you need to learn through a coaching system like the VPG?

Do you happen to know of any get-rich-quick methods that actually work? I thought not. And you’re wise to see through such gimmicks. This isn’t to say that one cannot utilize magical formulas to get money. However, Vrilock adheres to powerful concentration methods which work to get results, and overall improve the quality of your life through self-empowerment training.

VPG’s are designed to give some background on the awareness exercises through the author’s personal experience, including awakening experiences in the more ancient parts of the world. Each guide gives the reader a background, a reasoning or philosophy, the correct magical methods to work with, and a special instrument that is easy to build from materials commonly found in local shops or easily obtainable from online outlets like eBay and Amazon. Guides are often reviewed by our top colleagues, and you can read these reviews on our shop page.

How is self-empowerment important to magicians and occultists?

We are under influence via many of the mainstream outlets, and by just about every peer that we are in contact with. To counter this Vrilock proposes an emphasis on self-empowerment training, learning various magical systems, and mastering the basics of psionics. Aside from our ordinary lives magick can make things far more interesting, and one needs a solid grounding in self-empowerment to match the forces he or she will work with.

Of all things important to magick is the commitment to practice. Magick is a lot like marriage. The first time we meet that attractive someone we think we’re in love. But, it is only through the years of experience, the trials, successes, and the failures, that we at last establish an understanding for respect, which is the ultimate definition of the word ‘love’. So, too, is magick a venture to find our ultimate respect for the powers that we attempt to command. Just as a faithful marriage will lead to real love, so will a commitment to magick reveal one’s own true power. As well, there are always forces in the universe and in the unseen world which are greater than ourselves. Those who do not know this have never experienced some of the more unpleasant encounters associated with spirit work.

The first thing a new initiate to Vrilock needs to overcome is the unwillingness to commit to practice.

I had many failures of my own, and of these failures I will be honest. Read about how I overcame some struggles and made magick work better. All of these things will be published in the VPG’s on our Shop page.

Thank you for choosing to study with us.

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