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Enter Vrilock the Miraculous!

Learn how to share empathic transmissions with other people, spiritually soothe people, and balance your own energy field. There is even a section in this guide for improving your business growth, and to bring to you more clients. You are going to love this book, because it solves the problems that many of us have, and in such a way so true that you will feel a lot better than you do now. The author knows, and when you read this book you’ll understand why.

Whether you are a business owner, career professional, or just a person at home, you will want to know how this prayer-board can plus your business or personal life on many levels. Even spiritually, this prayer-board can bring people closer to the ultimate source of truth.

From the cradle to the grave we exist in a world of uncertainty. Existing with this uncertainty we cannot truly live a prosperous life. Having this exact predicament in mind the author of Metaphysics of Self-Mastery has produced a new practical guide (VPG) to working with the Miraculous Prayer-Board. This is an instrument which will change the relationship you have with the universe. Private. Quiet. An individual communion with higher self and beyond. Plus, your prayer-board once fully constructed will be your instrument for working miracles, overcoming obstacles, and soothing your soul. Best of all, you are not alone on this journey. The author details his personal experiences of learning spirituality, and spiritually growing through a series of disasters, and actually dissipating some of the most horrifying events.

You will learn balance, harmonizing forces, spiritual work for prosperity, and projecting the power of prayer.

I think that many, if not that most of us, are familiar with the hope that our prayers are being answered, as well as our fears that the universal mind might be a cold and uncaring force, ever driving us on in disregard of any higher purpose than to simply exist. Well, this is all very understandable. It is something of a series of topics we covered in the first Vrilock Practical Guide, and as well we detailed the means to developing awareness of our true self and the inner-will-fire to make the mind free of oppressive manipulation.

In this second practical guide we explore the background of the author, and specifically how he came to realize the power of belief, and ultimately the power of balanced and projected faith. We are going to move beyond the inner-will, and ultimately reach outward with empathic currents, a balanced work surface instrument, and learn to commune with the ultimate cosmic intelligence that man has sensed since his first days of memory.

This guide takes us back to 1981 when I was a child living in Arabia, where I first had an encounter with a spiritual force which changed my life forever. We’ll also study my experiences in Japan where I first developed the miraculous prayer-board for overcoming a series obstacles, and eventually virulent disasters that rocked the news around the world.

If you have ever considered your prayers in Church, at work, or at home, then make the next leap of faith forward by training yourself and building this graceful and materially humble instrument for use in your meditations. The prayer-board is easy and inexpensive to build.

Don’t pass up this guide. You’ll need the training before you can effectively use this instrument. As well you’ll learn some of the author’s successes and failures throughout a period of seven years, thereby fully appreciating this instrument of miracles.

We all know that prosperity cannot be bought. This is very true. Even a very wealthy man or woman can feel miserable, alone, afraid, or hurtful. This instrument in and of itself is enough, but what Vrilock offers is a full coaching program, and this book is the best in our series for self-help, self-empower, and spiritual prosperity.

Everyone on the planet will use the name of God to justify or drive their own agenda. This is a sad and unfortunate misunderstanding of the relationship of man to God or the gods, or the universal consciousness. As well, this is a serious misrepresentation of our true spirit.

Well, Vrilock isn’t going to resort to that kind of level of impulse, persuasion, or misrepresentation. For our colleagues and prospective clients we will instead offer you the truth about this development of a wonderful miracle working instrument, and the training you need to use it. We believe this book is important enough to illustrate how a person can go from a one-sided conversation with the cosmic intelligence system, to a full, pleasant, and totally private communion with the Cosmic Source in the universe. Call this Source what you will. All we know is that this instrument brought us in contact with higher consciousness, and saved our lives on multiple occasions. Plus, you’ll find out what this instrument can do in other areas of your life, your relationship, family, and prospects for happiness.

The new Vrilock Practical Guide is now available for your own spiritual pursuits. It has been a long kept secret for many years, but it is now available at the turning of the tide, in the ultimate time of truth being revealed in the world.

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