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Magick Audibles, Psionics Manuals, and the Vrilock Club

Fantastic Facilitators is an audiobook which helps budding magicians and psionics operators to swiftly manifest creatures made of pure thought and intent. This is accomplished via a simple psionic instrument - and it is in fact something almost everyone has laying around the house someplace. We’re talking flashlights.

Flashlights are essentially eloptic wands of which thought and emotion is carried by light to an intended focus point. With just a pair of headphones, a flashlight, and a simple drawing of a spirit creature we’re able to manifest some powerful facilitators of good fortune.

However, there’s one thing missing here: radionics.

While Fantastic Facilitators does indeed instruct and guide students of magick and psionics in the process of creating quick spirit aides with nothing more than a pair of headphones or earbuds and a flashlight, these entities are not fine tunable.

To resolve this throwback to medieval magick Tom Vrilock created a fully illustrated paperback manual about tunable servitors called ‘Psionic Robot: An Artificer’s Guide to Anthropomorphic Constructs!’ And it rocks! Boasting charts, scan-to-print control panel decals, philosophy, process and procedure methods, and even bonus comics, Psionic Robot is a must-have for any collector of the occult study and paranormal curiosity.

So, essentially the student of Vrilock should listen to the psionics magick audiobook ‘Fantastic Facilitators’, and then listen to the ultimate ‘Dynamic Defenders and Powerful Protectors’ audible download.

Upon completion of the audible lessons purchase Psionic Robot: An Artificer’s Guide to Anthropomorphic Constructs!’ When you have reached the level of working with radionics you will want to take the next step into advanced psionics with magically imbued robot servitors and spirit machines. Psionics pioneer and techno wizard Tom Vrilock explains in this book how to use focused-concentration to fully charge the core of your psionic robot, as well as some lessons in mental travel/ projection and wraith training.

Now, having an understanding of energy work with facilitators, protectors, messengers, and psionic robots is excellent! Very powerful! However, there’s more to psionics magick and techno wizardry to learn in Tom Vrilock’s ebook series ‘VPG’. In fact, we can combine some of the instruments and knowledge from the VPG’s into psionic robots, fantastic facilitators, and powerful protectors or even messengers and companion spirits.

Keep The Magick High in Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Metaverse, Digital Rituals! Shop>>

With the VPG series, spirit magick audiobooks, and the illustrated manual for psionic robots the average beginner or novice to psionic magick or radionics can have a lab set up fast and effectively! Plus, Tom Vrilock can build and will bless your Miraculous Prayer Board for you! This is the ultimate prayer and manifestation instrument for working our will and empathic power in the matrix!

The Miraculous Prayer Board MINI is a fully competent instrument for psychometry and psychometric infusion magick! This means you will enjoy the added guidance of energy working with this instrument in a balanced geometric circuit.

Here’s a quick checklist for visiting the psionics shop!

In order:

The aforementioned list is for most people who are either uncertain or skeptical. However, Vrilock recommends joining the Insiders Club (VOCUS program) because all of the items you can buy at the public shop are discounted to people inside of the Vrilock club. The club saves money and takes students deeper into the world of psionic magick, with a messaging system for aid in the study materials.

For awesome documents and discounts please join the Vrilock Insiders Club and receive coaching in psionics magick, radionics, psychotronics, and meditation! Tom Vrilock utilizes a private messaging system to speak to club members about their reading, listening, and viewing materials or how to work with their psionic instruments, wishing machines, and radionics!

And as always,


Keep The Magick High in Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Metaverse, Digital Rituals! Shop>>

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