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Practical and Rewarding Guides to the Mysterious Personal Paranormal to Help You Live Fantastically!

Perhaps you've had an experience resembling an alternate reality, as if you've stumbled into a dream; The events playing out are too meaningful to be mere coincidence? Herr Doktor V. understands, because like yourself V. knows how the paranormal and mysterious can seem beyond our control. But we're here to tell you that all of this can be made to work toward your benefit in terms of spiritual wellness, romance, wealth, and knowledge!

May I present to you the Vrilock Practical Guide Trio!

VPG Trio by Vrilock

The VPG Trio is a bundle of three e-books available on vrilock.com¹. These guides, known as Vrilock Practical Guides (VPG), cover super psionics and advanced magick methodology¹.

The bundle includes the following guides¹:

1. The Metaphysics of Self-Mastery: This guide helps you find your true self and center in your powerful will-fire¹.(Included:**Telepathic Magick Rod:** This guide teaches you how to build your own telepathic magick rod¹.)

2. Miraculous Prayer Board: This guide leads you into the wisdom of the Miraculous Prayer Board¹.

3. Wondrous Wheel: This guide helps you breach the barrier between operations and results in magick with the easy-to-build Wondrous Wheel¹.

Each e-book tells the reader a real-life background story, including the discovery of the ultimate psionic instrument, and the level of consciousness associated with each instrument as it is attributed to certain chakras¹. The total size of the bundle is 16.7MB, and it downloads as a ZIP file¹.

For more enlightenment, you may visit the product page on the Vrilock website¹.


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