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Self-Empowerment! Get Tanked!

Psionics training

Everybody wants to rule the world! Some are more adamant about it than others! Bureaucrats, those unelected officials make it their career endeavor. Politicians squawk lies to the public like an orgasm spewing from their mouths.


Self-Empowerment! Get Tanked!

The world is truly yours! Take back the power!

There are doers, and then there are those who sit on the sidelines complaining about unfair the world is. Listen… the New World Order is established, the transition is in process, the big changes are incoming. There’s no time for whining! As you may already be aware, energy is well-spent focusing on the things that you wish to manifest. Therefore, it does very little good fussing over things that you do not control. Ergo, there is no reason why we should not learn how to influence changes in the world. Afterall, that is much of what psionics is about. Psionics is influence of the behavior of information on a level of mind; This pursuit is often accompanied by bio, mechanical, or electrical/ electronic mechanisms. As the world is generally populated with a rather uniform series of modern marvels of technological achievements it is really only necessary to learn the psionic training to cause change, influence, and manifestation through these remote applications. Those remote applications, as I will explain shortly, are not strictly scientific. Rather, all of these mechanisms—be these power grids, satellites, computers, or A.I. nodes—act as a beacon or amplifier for human psychic presence. There are today myriad networks of smart-objects growing exponentially all around the world. This recent development is referred to as ‘the Internet of Things’ or simply IoT.

As a matter of course, much of the powers of the established technocracy are infused into this Internet of Things (IoT). This means that IoT allows the *technocrats to see and hear all. (Technocrats are those who shape diplomacy through their skills in a specific range of expertise, technology, and credentials) Now this seeing, hearing, and knowing ‘all’ is the first two of the three powers of God: omnipresence and omniscience. The third and final power of God is ‘omnipotence’.

These overwhelming abilities would seem oppressive. However, therein lies a stimulus. As seeing all eggs are in one basket - well, the chances for others to exert a degree of influence or control over the elite is readily available to the average witch or wizard who is so willing to learn Vrilock psionics training and technology. The real first-step is in learning to let go of the body, and release the mind to engage any object, system, or concept in the universe. To accomplish this seemingly triumphant feat over known physics one must practice. (Fortunately Herr Doktor V.’s psionics club at makes this pursuit a whole lot of fun with great rewards for being a loyal club member!)

Now then, let us consider what is on the gameboard before projecting our minds into the void. Open a map browser such as Google Map, Google Earth, Bing Maps, or Apple Maps. What you will see in the satellite view is that the earth is populated with structures and infrastructures which connect (and interconnect) these regions together by various means. Those means are important to civil engineers, but such details are of little relevance to a psi magician. Or at least they do not need to concern themselves with the engineering part just to do a little magick. Rather than technical specs for logistics, aviation, and energy sectors, the overall pattern of connectivity will suffice for a techno wizard or witch interested in sending, receiving, suppressing, or emphasizing a concept through, via, or at a region; node; network; or general concept amplified by technological hotspots. Some of these techno hotspots do not necessarily need to be modern. There is, for example, a tremendous degree of energy available from Stonehenge, Giza’s pyramids, Antarctica, and the various spots on the earth haunted by the fallen in historic battlegrounds. However, most psionicists are concerned with the various grids of interconnectivity. Thus, we’ll think of these things now.

The earth’s gameboard is covered in human activity, energy, water, and electronics. Let us consider these electronics from more recent developments in AI nodes such as Fetch AI or Flock X. Some of these nodes are used to share and link social videos to real-world locations. Other AI nodes monitor weather or temperature fluxes in the atmosphere and the ocean. There are series of Google street cams everywhere. Every one of these nodes (computers or sensors connected through a network of alike machines) is a psychic amplifier for events surrounding these nodes. In an experiment a friend of my mentor projected his will through a flashlight beam pointing at a telephone cable on his street. The results he told us were near real-time in manifesting what he desired as an outcome from his magick.

In my own pursuits of working magick through technological nodes I’ve dabbled in drawing knowledge from powerful world amplifiers, connecting to the minds of billions, and directing new students to my Psionics Club. The result is that some rather good clairvoyants have joined my club, and later confided in me that they ‘heard my call’ on what we call ‘the world circuit’. (The world circuit is explained in various club audio and video lectures at .)

A new world of techno wizardry begins in parallel to all that is constructed by man or artificial intelligence. To better quantify how this works for you I’ve outlined some tools of the trade to help you get started—and get tanked!

Psionics training

No, not drunk! I mean self-empowered!

Psionics training

Here are the trade skills, technology, and magick models for working your way to become a psychic or psionic mastermind:

Psionics training

For those who do not possess a whole lot of free-time for the majority of the week I have crafted audiobooks that you may listen to on-the-go!

As psionics is truly about influencing the behavior of information at the level of mental energy, and in some cases working with kinetic energy (energy that is already in motion can be tapped to carry results into near-real-time manifestations), it is important to understand the fundamentals of dowsing. Dowsing is acquiring information that is not available through ordinary means.

Psionics training

Furthermore, to acquire information via extraordinary means, you will need to practice reading information through the oscillation of a pendulum. So, to help you with this pursuit I have crafted a batch of pendulums and a book of specialized dowsing charts available at the Vrilock Psionics Shoppe!

Visit to get started!

The point of all of this, lords and ladies, is to convince you that this world is yours. It is true. The earth belongs to every human being equally. Unfortunately, there are those who see it otherwise—as there ever has been such tyrants. With psionics, however, you have this one opportunity to take back the power, reclaim freedom, and excel at life—and beyond! Join me! Become one of my friends. Become a student of Vrilock! Or join me as a colleague in psionics!

Join the club!

Keep the magick high! ™

Herr Doktor von Vrilock


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