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1984 Yet? Disclosing the Powers of Darkness!

End of the Duopoly? Left vs Right. Conservatives. Liberals. Democrats. White Hats. and Vrilock skullcaps! You know the theatre has been staged before our arrival here on this platform we call 'Earth'. Why a country divided? Well, as the old saying goes "To build you must first destroy." And, this is precisely the carefully measured steps of social sciences, collaborative IT technical giants, and the myriad industries taking orders from the National Academies for a New World Order. But, what if they get Mao or Rasputin by mishap? Muahahahaa!

Let us disclose the powers of darkness!

Well, you can micromanage some changes in the world, you know!

Get it in the shop! >>

But enough of this merriment. Let us begin! ...

You know something? I sometimes reflect on the irony of writing all of this on my computer, considering all the tech giants who own these systems and networks seem to be playing in the far left field. But, let’s step down to the benches to have a chat before we play ball, shall we?

What’s on Vrilock’s desk? 10/21/22:

Canada prime minister Justin Trudeau places a freeze on transport/ transfer of guns in Canada after an elementary school in Texas sees numerous students gunned down. ((

[reason: purportedly there is a rise of gun violence in Canada.]

[opinion: guns are indeed lethal, but I’m naturally suspicious of any government going after peoples guns. So, it remains to be seen that there actually is an outright amazing increase of gun violence in Canada. But I would ask if this is the real reason behind the decision to cease all transactions of firearms. Because, I seriously have my doubts about any collaborated efforts when it comes to moves across the global game board.]

Steve Bannon sentencing to prison - contempt of congress. Arguments against the ruling against Bannon indicate double-standards; I.e. only the left’s political opponents are being indicted or imprisoned. ((

[short note: Steve will not serve the sentence until after his appeals to the sentencing is carried out/ completed. Currently he has been fined over $6k.]

Kevin nunes outlines how Americans are being redirected or distracted, and barred from challenging medical establishment in regard to what he terms ‘child mutilation’, the vax mandates, etc.

[opinion: Out of all the news on my desk today, I think Nunes is the one I can feel safely certain is credible in the argument he's making, and indeed urgent in our transforming society. Children should not be mutilated. I agree with that. Secondly, the argument of algorithms is of interest to us psionicists. As to his character, Nunes, Trump, Bannon, I digress. I do not know them. I look at the world from a very different perspective as a psionicist. This should be apparent in my podcasts over the years. For instance, I agree with individualism and freedom of the individual--But, I do not hangout with ruffians shouting at other people. That's something I see too often on Gab, Rumble, Truth Social--Not that everything on these platforms is the fault of the creator, but you know how muggles get real anxious to unleash their anxieties on everyone else. As magicians, and certainly as psionicists, I see us as being people of high classiness, and we are above the many as far as the realm of mind is concerned in psionics. Likewise, I do not believe that all human activity is transforming the planet into a new climate. I do believe some activities are bad for environments where people live--For instance, I've traveled to some parts of Los Angeles decades ago, and I can attest to the truth that some areas where there are factories of big industry I found it very difficult to breathe, especially after living in cleaner suburban areas. So, there's the facts, the truth, and then there are the various narratives. But on a final note about climate, I truly 'sense' much of our earth changes in weird weather stems from solar activity and of course high tech satellite and HAARP manipulation.]

Now, let’s brew some drama of our own here:

"Is this the end of the duopoly? Is the one-party system of Orwell’s 1984 just around the bend?”

[opinion: I think 1984 started 38 years ago. But that’s just me being modest. The truth is that corruption has always existed, and the formation of a totalitarian one-party ruling cast has been the plan for some hundred plus years now.]

Speaking of the Duopoly, have you not watched Herr Doktor's epic Blockbuster movie of our interview with Presidential candidate Adam Kokesh--Adam vs the Man--the ultimate anti-duopoly dude?? Well, then have yourself a bowl of wasabi peas or popcorn and enjoy the show here >>

What’s the real problem in today’s world:

As a matter of course, those of you whom meditate regularly and practice your psionics training will quickly come to the realization that not only are the masses greatly comprised of people who do not have themselves, but somebody else out there is controlling them—and it isn’t us! That’s a problem isn’t it? After all, you want the world to obey your influence because you want a better world. But, ask yourself, what is it that the one-party system wants?

[opinion: they want to transform us into cyborg automatons. Now, I’m not against certain aspects of transhumance sciences; but I do not say ‘transform’ but rather for us to ‘transcend’ the old existence—but not for everyone. It has to be a choice for those who want biomechatronic evolution or those who want to remain seeded in this current level of existence/ reality. There are no wrong answers. Only, that is disagree with totalitarian control over children who have yet to grow up and decide if they are going to be individuals or submit to become automatons. And these globalists seem to always go after the children, goddamit!]

… Psionics for defense:

What are we defending against?

[control patterns; source: external and internally integrated with our subconscious, habits, beliefs vs known facts, etc.]

Frequencies and patterns? Algorithms being used to manipulate or isolate [political opponents]?

Watch Herr Doktor's 'Etheric Wars' here >>

Means of defense:

… what are the tools we can use to alter harmful frequencies of influence en masse? (Can we magically tap nodes as a test ground for patterns in psionics operations?) or are the platforms of sns and msm going to bend to psionic projects like egregore-dragnet? Patience? Or a change in tactics?

“What do you think, my friend?”

Are we trapped here with an alien presence among us? Is the president a reptilian??? Come on, man! Are we imprisoned with the cone heads?

Watch 'Entombed with the Coneheads!' here >>

I think, personally, that we all have had some experience with someone who is a control freak. Whether this person is a coworker, boss, neighbor, or immediate member of your family can make the difference between how aware you are of such toxic people. The abuse which expands outward from toxic people begins with gaslighting, black balling, and then various forms of punishment—maybe even violence. But this punishment doesn’t stop with adults. Sometimes children are involved. Sometimes it is animals who are oppressed. These kinds of disorders and lifestyles are a spiritual sickness which has widespread over the earth. But it only continues to grow because we haven’t decided to become dedicated and to put an end to it.

Solving a problem begins with identifying that there actually is one. Then we must analyze the nature of the problem before determining a means to resolving the issues. Sometimes the details are part of the problem. More often it is the whole from a Birdseye view which allows us to see what is really going on.

You might need some dowsing practice. Here's an economic means with some old style charts and some new smart phone dowsing you can do right now >>

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