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Princes of Psionics

Princes of Psionics Vrilock

Here we are! Born to be king! We’re the princes of the psionic front! Standing at the threshold to victory! We were born to be rulers of the world, and we’re the masters of all humanity. So, why don’t you realize it most of the time? Albeit, with threats of our ultimate demise and final annihilation fired at us by the loony lefty’s, well, it becomes difficult to live a normal and happy life. And this is really their ultimate plan. The nuts can’t stand it if somebody else is happy or having fun. The trendies don’t want a man to be in charge of a company. The hordes of zombies don’t want YOU to think for yourself. And they willl NEVER stop!

How can you concentrate on your job, going to school, or anything else while these nuts are always at your throat? (How about building a psionic robot tank?!) And, so why are they at our throats?? Well, it seems that we’re guilty for simply being alive. But, as old Joe Stalin once said “No people. No problem.”

So, people’s minds have been conditioned to that of servitude; a mere follower. Just part of the flock. Cosmic horrors! Not on this network! No, no, no. Of course not here. Vrilock seeks to liberate you from this mundane existence. We want out of the doldrums. Humanity should be carrying us on their shoulders, and not these other fools! We’re not a flock of sheep! Vrilock seeks colleagues—not followers! You’re part of our army against those who seek to take away our freedom, because YOU have a mind! So, now, let us talk about how we’re going to get that mind even more psuper powerful!


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Princes of Psionics Vrilock

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