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Manifesto of the Prayer Board, the Emerald Wand, and the Wishing Machine!

​When you wish upon a Prayer Board or an Emerald Wand, there’s a miracle weaving into manifestation. There’s no telling how good you will feel when the mysteries of the universe are tuned in to with a wishing machine at your fingertips!

Moreover, there’s no better feeling than manifesting a miracle for someone else in great need. So, this Christmas season I would like to share with you a story about a group of miracle workers who journeyed from different parts of the country to participate in a filming event centered around human empowerment through psionics and magick. We are the League of Extraordinary Magicians!

And this is our story…

On one windy and rainy evening in September of 2018, Vrilock’s phone rang and he answered it. This much anticipated and welcomed phone call was from non other than Joshua P. Warren, the expert in all things paranormal, and the wizard of weird. What ensued was a conversation filled with interest and sincere intent, to learn more about Vrilock’s Miraculous Prayer Board, and the man behind its creation. It was not long before Vrilock sent two variations of the Miraculous Prayer Board to Joshua Warren. I am told that the results Joshua experienced were both miraculous and wondrous!

Some months later Joshua asked if I would mind being interviewed with him and Charles Cosimano. To which I replied that it would be my pleasure in so doing. However, what had began as a simple interviewing concept started to look more like a full fledged filming project.

And so it has been. Yet, in the beginning we were uncertain that the event would actually happen. Often this is the case in film that a project may never actually go all the way through, or other events come up, and the project is virtually postponed or forgotten about. To parry this possibility I began working earnestly with an Emerald Wand that I purchased from Joshua P. Warren. As well, I got to work on my Prayer Board instrument to surround the idea in a well balanced field of energy. And I turned the calibrated knobs of my own version of the wishing machine in my lab.

And here is what resulted…

On a peculiarly sunny and cool day in December, the League of Extraordinary Magicians gathered in a secret meeting room in Wisconsin. During the hallowed hours in which most of Milwaukee is fast asleep, our greatest minds walked into a dimly lighted conference room to establish an outline for the events that were to unfold. We pulled up chairs around a table supporting assorted instruments of arcane and occult value never seen to most of the world before.

Astounded by the stories I heard, the minds which spoke in our closed quarters, I vaguely experienced what must have been something like wandering into a dreamscape occupied by comic book characters and heroes or villains from a space opera story. Great inquiries into the pursuit of psionics and breaking its perceived limitations, principalities, technicalities, and moralities erupted into debate and argument within this room, lending to my senses an otherworldly presence which followed these gifted, talented, and well-learned men. It was as though I’d strayed upon some portal which then carried me aloft Mount Olympus, whereupon my senses reeled with the endless wonder and impressions presented to me. Hitherto had I believed I was alone in many of my supernatural experiences, but I saw and heard from other men of psionic might and occult sorcery much which resonated the same and true with me.

Charles Cosimano, Dr. Mulder, Joshua P. Warren, and myself elaborated on the technicalities and morality of psionics, radionics, and occult power. Such questions which are ordinarily the kinds of inquiries the laymen is hesitant to utter were shared openly. And it is little wonder that the world of the magick has remained—until now—so remote from the daily affairs of the public’s interests.

Of all the debate these were some of the greatest questions:

- Are there any moral limits on the use of psionics?

- Is there such a thing as karma?

- How much knowledge of psionics should be shared with the world?

- Can and has psionics been used to make the world a better place?

These were just some of the questions with some rather stimulating arguments which erupted around the conference room!

Are we the heroes of the planet? Or are we vigilantes? Could most of us be considered psuper villains? What does humanity feel about the work that we do, and what results we have accomplished thus far? Will we be appreciated for our sacrifices? Are we deemed the public enemy?!

Of course, if you read my club member and subscriber testimonials you can readily judge for yourself what kind of person I am, and what kind of campaign I’m running.

In essence, the above questions are extreme examples of which many have to do with extreme moral debates. As well, there is that unassailable absurdity that rides along with the notion that someone can influence the lives of millions by simply working with mind machines and wishing machines. However, this seems to be true for many people working in the area of psionics, that much of the natural world can be influenced by wishing machines, wands, prayer boards, and the human mind alone!

In conclusion to our meeting I believe that deep down in the heart of every individual in that conference room there was an undeniable desire and PASSION to bring freedom and personal success to all of humanity. Deep, deep, down this human spirit burns with compassion, though some of us will deny it. I mean, there’s a certain image to upkeep as super villains. Yet, we are all human at the end of the day. And I believe that this is what binds us together and sets us apart from those who have become inhuman and indecent in the world and its rulers today.

One way or another you will want to learn how to use this technology to maintain freedom and humanity. We have entered into a world in which YOU the individual are responsible for the world, and YOU the individual are the most POWERFUL force in society at large! We are here to help the world use this technology of magick and the occult for the empowerment of the free human spirit, and humanity.

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Join us!

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