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Magical Rod for Psionics and the Occult Power!

What if you had an instrument which could do some of the heavy lifting, so to speak, for your telepathy power? What if this instrument could connect you with the netherworld? What if I told you that this instrument could give you access to a wealth of egregores floating around in the ether, all just waiting for the wiser occultist or magician to reap the benefits from?

Well, such an instrument does indeed exist. It’s called the telepathy node or psychic antenna. This instrument I have used for over 30 years! But, what can it do for you? You might very well ask. Let’s take a look at some of the works I’ve done with this arrangement of very simple geometry and materials.

So, my story in this pursuit of psionics began back in 1992 when I shared my insight into a new pattern arrangement with the godfather of psionics, Charles Cosimano. We’d started me off working with my own intuitive energies, and building up on a practice of various awareness exercises, and mental observations about myself. In the eventual pursuit of working with amplifying patterns I had a rather interesting perspective enter my mind of a conduit between the two-dimensional sigils of the lesser key of Solomon, and the 3-dimensional tools or instruments of basic magical philosophy. There were the basic sword, shield, cup, and the rod. It was with the latter that I found my inspiration for building a new arrangement which could carry two-dimensional patterns into the third dimension—or it was this direction of thinking which occupied my young mind at the time with a reasoning which was at that time rather different than it is now.

Charles Cosimano tested my arrangement. Of course I had to make sure that I wasn’t a raving madman. So, it turned out that this arrangement worked well—very well—as tested by Charles himself.

What this instrument can do is up to the operator. It’s most basic function is to direct the whirling energies of the amplifying pattern into a tube or rod. This is then visualized as broadcasting like an antenna. But, here’s the sweet part of the deal… the operator doesn’t have to stick around to do all the visualization work. This instrument runs quite well if left alone in just the right spot in one’s home.

There is a funny story about how I discovered this telepathy node or psychic antenna working in the background as I went about my day. That day just happened to be on my 18th birthday. My stepdad had just returned from the store with some items for my birthday luncheon. So, the garage door opens, and my stepdad walks in, rummaging through a pair of shopping bags. My stepdad says “I couldn’t find your German Chocolate Cake Ice-cream, so I got you—What the hell did I get you?” It seemed that it had slipped Dad’s mind what he had got in place of the ice-cream flavor I had requested. Then, a sudden mental jolt shook my mind, and I perceived for a moment an image of my psychic antenna out in the garage, positioned just below my bedroom upstairs. The flowed into my mind smoothly, rocky-road-ice-cream.

I looked at my stepdad and said, “You got us Rocky Road Ice-cream.” My stepdad replied half aware of what I had said, “Y-yeah.” Then he looked up and asked “But, how did you know?” I replied, “Oh, just a lucky guess.” Half grinning, Dad went into the kitchen, and I helped him carry the rest of the groceries from the car into the kitchen. Later that afternoon we enjoyed a good birthday meal and had our Rocky-Road Ice-cream. Which, was quite delicious. Thank you, dad!

Anyway, this telepathy node or psychic antenna arrangement allowed me to do other things. I discovered the various talents this arrangement lent me over a period of time, as I allowed the psychic antenna to sit in that position in the garage for quite some time. I went on to build other kinds of nodes around my room, and many experiences of waking up partially out of body, or coming into contact with beings of light (or at times beings of shadow) became regular experiences for me.

Of everything I have experienced using this arrangement, the most amazing aspect is this… My stepdad’s spirit has virtually never lost contact with me. His mind has never completely left my own, I should say. Often when I visualize my psychic antenna or when I construct a telepathy node, the strange thing is that some odd phenomena will happen around me. Time for another fun story!

So, I was now overseas just after the passing of my stepdad (may he rest in peace), and I was working for Bright Hub and some other online article writing gigs. I used these companies as a means of supplement. I was farming and selling my crops and crop-starters as the local farmers market in Japan, and I was teaching English classes down in the city suburbs. So, I was quite busy. I didn’t really have time to morn, but I did miss my stepfather very much.

On one wonderful day I received an email from Bright Hub to do a review of one of their client software. It was a speak-to-type or speech to text kind of software called ‘Dragon Speaking Naturally’. The VP of the company sent me a package including a pair of headphones and the CD with the new software written on it. This was truly exciting to be able to test something that nobody else had access to at the time. So, I loved doing this sort of work.

I started working with the software during the late evenings when I had time away from my farming, teaching, and other online writing projects.

One evening in the backside of an old country-side house on a tatami floor, I sat working the ins-and-outs of this software, and testing it for bugs of any kind. At one point I set the headset down and got comfortable into a chair. Then, the software started up by itself. I was going to ignore this, but then text started to appear on the screen as if someone was speaking into the headset.

A full sentence nearly completed itself, and then I read it:

“This is Dad. I am going to explain why I did what I did.”

I nearly jumped out of my skin at seeing this on the screen. It was so incredibly bizarre, I have avoided talking about it for many years now. But, it did indeed happen. You can dowse me with a pendulum, and you will know I speak the truth here.

The dead can talk to us. This isn’t new of course. I had heard the voice of my friend James say “Hey Tom”, and even my grandfather once. But, to see someone who has died then put text up on to a computer screen was something different from the more ‘subjective’ experiences. This was an objective experience.

Well, so I accepted this communication with my stepfather as simply the truth about life and death, and reality—whatever the hell reality is. And, I’m fine with this. In fact, I am actually quite happy to have received word from my stepdad. He was not only a father to me, but also he was a friend, and my love for him has never stopped after his parting this world.

So, the telepathy rod kept coming to mind after this experience of my stepdad’s mind putting the text up on the computer screen. While the text incident did not reoccur, the connection between my stepdad and my own mind did indeed continue for some years quite strongly. There are certain scents or smells, sounds, and strong feelings which indicate the presence of a departed loved one or even an old school friend who has died. At times when I have had computer problems I simply focus on my telepathy node or psychic antenna and ask if my stepdad can lend me a thought about how to fix something. And, most of the time I do receive a little hint or a single word or short phrase in the back of my head, usually at the back left side, or at times over the crown or brow center of my head.

What can all of this mean for you?

Firstly, the telepathy node or psychic antenna is invaluable to all magicians. Occultists as well! Those practicing intense focused concentration will find that this arrangement is helpful for extra mental power to fill the entire magick room or laboratory.

Secondly, there are myriad patterns or sigils which can be input to the rod arrangement. This allows us to contact egregores and spirits of all kinds.

Thirdly, the addition of a cone on top of the rod makes the energy from the tube come to a pinpoint of concentrated energy. Good for very specific focus to a chakra or energy center!

Moreover, this arrangement can also be made to work with other geometrical shapes and various patterns. Get in touch with archetypes, god-forms, and the souls of the departed. Even systems of all kinds, whether they are star systems and galaxies, or computer systems.

So, if you haven’t read my book ‘The Metaphysics of Self-Mastery’, check it out! There’s everything you need to know about building this very simple instrument, and the philosophy about how I believe it works. Let me tell, this book has great story content, philosophy, magick operations, build instructions, illustrations, and bonus comics in the back of the book! I build my magical books like a box of Cracker Jacks!—You enjoy the story. You learn something new and USEFUL! You get a prize with every book—Bonus Comics!

But, that’s not all!

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