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Vrilock Club Works Like Magick!

Vrilock Occult Psionics Magick Training Program and Insiders Club!

Let us now learn: How the Vrilock Psionics Occult Club Works!

What is the Vrilock Club - V.O.C.U.S. Program?

The Vrilock Occult Concentration Universal System (a.k.a. V.O.C.U.S.) or simply the Vrilock Insiders Club is a support group and coaching system for magicians (technicians of magick technology). This club is for beginners and intermediate level magicians.

When asked how the club works, I, Vrilock, answer simply that it works however the individual wants it to work. That is to say there is a great degree of flexibility in my club for progressing on many levels of magick.

In a nutshell, you join the club by selecting a payment plan (level of interest and commitment). The magick coaching system has currently four payment plans:

The Arch Magus is a recent development for those club members who would like to access the club without having to worry about making sure they have money in PayPal every month. Plus two months($59.98) worth Off of the cost - a great savings with this plan! So, an Arch Magus club member can enjoy full benefits without any worries.

Content in the club is posted in the clubroom (club home page after logging in). Club members take advantage of private audio logs, documents, and how-to videos. Plus there is an Insiders club shop with material products, books, e-documents, journals, audios, videos, and Electives. The Electives are specialized areas of focus such as Runes, Radionics, and Chaos-Creative Magick.

Content is available to paid club members at no additional cost every month, free to download the same content within that month. Every month content is archived, and later available for purchase or free download depending on the material presented in the files.

But who is this club for?

There are different types of individuals who come to the Vrilock Occult Concentration Universal System - V.O.C.U.S. Program! The occult psionics training program is a club for beginners and intermediate level magicians - technicians of magick technology and psionics or radionics or psychotronics.

Some club members are people who have gotten the short end of the stick in life, either losing a job, home, romantic partner—and then there are other people coming to the club to further their knowledge of psionics/ magick.

Why do people choose Vrilock’s Occult Club?

People join the Vrilock Club for two reasons. One is that this club is for true classic occultists. That is, we’re a support group and coaching program for learning how to hone in on the power of our minds to accomplish prosperity or success on a number of levels outside of ordinary means. Another reason is that Vrilock has proven his ability to work miracles, remotely change situations in the world, and has mentally - telepathically reached out to a cosmic intelligence system or the Cosmic Mind to bring people back into a relationship with something larger than ourselves. People who have come to me feel this pull, and are guided by a higher calling. Not everyone, but there are many who hear the higher calling of something spiritual and real.

What kinds of miracles has Vrilock worked in the world?

I prevented Japan’s mainland from being hit by super typhoon Neoguri. I bent, turned, dissipated, lifted, and dissolved nearly 40+ typhoons around the world, and then some extra weather or atmoskinetic projects. I remotely and magically freed Adam Kokesh. I used the occult power to magically free Tommy Robinson, and to turn 100’s of protestors into 1,000’s. I’ve called upon archetypes like St. Patrick to chase snakes (scumbags) out of positions of influence. I’ve called upon runic power to stabilize a mantel under an island country, pulling kinetic forces of volcanic power into position - what is sometimes called Telluric Magick. I’ve enlisted spirits both natural and artificial to bring new students and clients to my business. I’ve also spiritually mended family members for our club insiders, and I’ve helped club members find employment, sell their houses for a better deal and for more money. And the list goes on. I have a magick resume on my BIO Page that you can read to learn more. Plus I have many YouTube Videos and Audio/ Podcasts for which these topics are covered - Including a video about spiritually mending or changing events conditions so that Dave Schrader’s daughter could come home from the hospital.

In addition to this I have a wide range of knowledge for creating and crafting servitors or minions, including my discovery of psionic robots, var-machines, conditional radionics, and spirit elective machines. And more information is available in my club.

Where is the Vrilock Club headed?

Honestly, the club is still growing. In two ways, really. We have more people joining, for one thing. Also, there is more material that I am continuing to add to the club.

My team - affectionately referred to as my ‘henchstaff’ - is often advising me to slow down so as not to overwhelm my club members with materials. This is true in some regards, but there are also club members who devour materials quickly.

What is the most effective resource in the Vrilock Club?

If I have to pick just one resource in the club that I have seen work best, I’d have to tell you that the Insiders Messaging System is the numero uno for success. This goes back to what I was saying about ‘overwhelming’ club members with content. By regularly messaging me, club members will have a better idea of what they need to read, listen to, or watch in my club. Plus, I give personal magick advice at no extra charge. However, this may one day change with larger volumes of people coming to the club. So, if people want that advice or support for no additional charge, then now is the time to get in and make friends with Vrilock and Team.

Why Vrilock gives advice for no additional charge?

I give magick and personal focus advice for no additional charge, mainly because I know what it is like to be down and go through some rough times. Lots of people of high quality, integrity, creativity, and intelligence are being knocked down in society in place of people who are regularly nasty or behave like morons. We are seeing this transition for many years now. What was once beautiful is now forced to retreat into a closet, and what is ugly is the unleashed until it is accepted as the commonplace. In this kind of a globally influenced environment for the ill-kind, well, people with heart and brains just can’t survive - at least not as they once had. We also see this pattern take forms of manifestation such as the fall of the ‘middle-class’, anti-this or that kind of mentality, and an expanding ‘blame, complain, and excuse’ culture growing rapidly, albeit exponentially.

For example, we’ve all likely experienced walking into a new shop someplace, perhaps a new grocery store or coffee and bookshop. The employees are nice, but a week later a real monster gets hired (possibly by mistake), and not long after this we see the friendly and kind employees are all of them replaced by nasty people.

Another example is the office atmosphere or what people commonly called the workplace during the time of the middle-class heyday. What we saw was the hiring of unskilled or at least rather lazy people with no intention of doing a good job, while other people who make an earnest effort are simply cut loose from the job, fired, or harassed and teased at work until that person quits.

The problem isn’t as simple as this, however. One must go deeper down the rabbit hole in order to fully understand, because the entire failure of society is by design. At least that was the case in the United States. Now this problem has spun seemingly out of control around the globe, and we see a decline from traditional values, merging and mixing of components in society which do not make sense or at best compromise stability on many levels.

While such a plan for global tyranny sounds brilliant, the real downside is that there are quite a lot of, well, brilliant people or gifted individuals who are being left behind and swept under the rug, so to speak, and in the place of greatness, beauty, and creativity is all the ugliness and vulgarity. Those who would be wretches are lifted up into the light of media and popularity, while truly gifted people are bogged down with all manner of annoyance and plague.

Although I can understand the human-problem that globalists see, at least to some degree of my limited knowledge, I have a problem with ‘wasting talents’. There are many people I want to find in the world. People of talent. So, while my club does indeed service all who wish to learn from me, my club also is a portal for bringing in the gifted so I can build my psionic brotherhood into a great body of talented and gifted individuals. There are reasons for this which I speak of in the club.

So, if I can lend a magical hand or advise my fellow brothers and sisters in the world of magick how to get through some difficult times or make tough decisions and lend some power, I will continue to do my greatest work to help.

We are familiar with the conflict between magicians and witches particularly online in social networks. Where does Vrilock stand between magicians and witches?

I believe I understand this in part. At least from my own point of view. We both use magick, though I prefer to focus on magick from the standpoint of a 'technology' of sorts, and I lean toward high magick or what is sometimes called 'wizardry'.

Personally I consider myself a technician of magick and an occultist, but not really an esoteric follower. However, I do not hold my view against anyone else. I have a good friend who considers herself a witch and sorceress, for example, who I have worked on projects with in the past, and she had helped me in my time of great need when I was desperate or needed some real magical help. Yes, even I needed some help at one time in my life. So, I tend to be more open-minded than some others out there online. Having said that, I do not share the same belief system as esoteric followings. I made the decision to become a classical occultist, not a sorcerer, not a witch. I do consider myself a magician of sorts, because quite frankly the technology I work with is magick and not science. However, as an occultist I do adopt and consider science a valid source for learning and exploring the universe. Esoterians of earlier times were noted as being in conflict with scientific thinking. I have a respect for science, although I’m often cracking jokes about what ‘Mr. Science-says’. And this is because Science is treated like an entity these days, and a rather clever influential system if you ask me. The creators of such a powerful system of influence or mind control must be magicians or sorcerers themselves, no doubt.

What is the ultimate goal of the Club?

The ultimate goal of the club is prosperity and psionic advancement for all in the club, including the club’s founder, Vrilock. One for all, and all for one! That is our goal for the Vrilock Occult Club!

Is the Vrilock Club part of the Psionic Brotherhood?

The Vrilock Club is a support group which then builds funding for our Psionic Brotherhood. The club is for the general public, and open to the general public to join. The Psionic Brotherhood exists outside of the boundaries of the club, but the club is a portal to gaining new participants in the Psionic Brotherhood.

So then what is the Psionic Brotherhood?

That is a different subject entirely, and possibly a little too far outside of the scope of this topic. But, I shall satisfy the public’s curiosity with a brief overview of the Psionic Brotherhood.

The Psionic Brotherhood is an active psionics group. We are a fraternity that is not tied entirely to any one location. We’re in essence a global presence, and so therefore a global group. We call it a brotherhood because we are a brotherhood. We’re serious. So, people who join my Psionic Brotherhood must also be serious, no non-sense kind of people.

Each member of the Psionic Brotherhood is a knight, in the sense that we are loyal to the Vrilock New Thought Movement. We practice a belief in the Cosmic Intelligence System, the Cosmic Mind, and we are bound to this Creator of the Universe as brothers. We are psionic knights, and I am the acting steward of this circle until my death or my passing of the power of illumination to another knight within our order. And that knight will be made steward of my order.

We are all kings of our own hearts, and thereby rulers of our own destiny. All knights are bound with loyalty to help or come to the aid of other knights where it is reasonable within the means to do so. For instance, I am honor bound to help my friend Joshua build his laboratory in Nevada, even if we have to lay the foundation by our own hands, brick by brick. Regardless of the labor, we are honor bound like no other organization on the planet.

The Psionic Brotherhood is solid.

Although it is off the topic, how does one become a knight of the Psionic Brotherhood?


To become a knight of my order we begin by having a conversation. Usually I will know if someone is destined to become a part of the Psionic Brotherhood. The universe will bring this person to me, or I will be directed to find this person. In some cases the Cosmic Mind and Creator of the Universe will cause a person to have a vision or to feel compelled to come to me.

Thus, having a club is ideal as a portal to get the connected.

I pay for everything to set up the club, present the materials, and so on.

So, we rely heavily on donations, purchases, and club member fees. What many people do not realize is that some psionics procedures, and occult operations, will require me to work hours a day to project or make changes in nature, or to conform reality to my will—our will. That is, the will of the Psionic Brotherhood.

Before building upon the idea of a Psionic Brotherhood I worked on all projects alone. I still mostly do just that. But, today I am proud to say that I have some brotherly knights in my order who do chip in, and sometimes without my having to ask. One of my greatest of knights is Ghost, and he watches out for my health and well-being. That is, if I’m under attack, he’ll alert me to the fact if I haven’t been alerted already. We’re fast to cover all areas of necessity for the order of the Psionic Brotherhood.

The Psionic Brotherhood requires this degree of seriousness, because we want people who are dependable, reliable, and loyal to their fellow knights.

Is there a fee for joining this organization, brotherhood?

The Psionic Brotherhood is currently not a paid membership of any kind. It is an honorary based system.

Well, we appreciate it if our fellow knights join the Insiders Club so that we’re all on the same page. Not only does this help us fund The Vrilock New Thought Movement, which is the philosophy of the Psionic Brotherhood, but it also gives other knights an opportunity to see how our fellow occultists are being coached. If certain materials meet our standards of quality or not, this is something my fellow knights will discuss with me on occasion. My closest Knights are few, but among them are Christopher, Shane, and Joshua. If something is amiss, Christopher will say so. If a new idea is needed, Shane often recommends one. Joshua works to help promote the work I do, and he expands business opportunities, which again does help me to make the Psionic Brotherhood a bigger and larger reality.

And, yes, we are open to both men and women joining the club, and becoming part of our Vrilock New Thought Movement - The Psionic Brotherhood!

Keep the magick high! Make the world a better place!

Indeed! Join the club and become one of the global psionics avengers!

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