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Back by Popular Demand: Psionic Robot!

Psionic Robot - An Artificer’s Guide to Anthropomorphic Constructs is coming back to th Vrilock Psionics Shop by popular demand! And more!

Vrilock Psionics Training Program: Psionic Robot

After an announcement that Vrilock was ceasing the print of Psionic Robot a number of people dived into the contact page to request our team to hold a copy of the book for them. Unfortunately, there were only two books remaining. These sold out fast! So, days after new arriving club members asked if the book could be reprinted. And, while our Vrilock Press team was planning a smaller pocketbook version of the book, psionics practitioners asked us if we would retain the full color and original print size of the book.

So, we are going to do just that. Vrilock listens to what our guests and club members want. Vrilock Psionics Publications and Vrilock Press will deliver!

Oh, but there is more!

Tom Vrilock is currently in production of an audiobook version of the psionic robot book. This is a product intended to help psionics practitioners work with their robots as they listen to the audiobook. The audiobook also guides the psionics practitioner in the building and charging of the robot.

All-in-all, the audiobook and the printed book will make a nice combination for people who want to both print out scanned decals for their psionic robot, as well listen to the voice of Vrilock guide them to building, charging, and test flying these occult instruments!

Until the new products are released, Vrilock and Team recommends that you subscribe to our awesome occult newsletter for occult reports and the latest and greatest of the uber occult and psuper psionics! We’ll notify all subscribers and club members when these products are available for you to purchase from the Vrilock New Thought-Movemenmt and the Psionic Brotherhood!

Keep the magick high!

- V

PS: Get the biggest discounts on these awesome products by becoming a Vrilock Psionics Club Member at !!!

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