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Radionics Vs. Electric Radionics

Radionics Vs. Electric Radionics

I find that some operations work best with a non-electrical radionic box, while other psionics operations are far more effective magick when an electrical radionic carrier is introduced to the unit. A radio fashioned for psionics work and operated as a dedicated radionics device is outstanding for working with external operations, such as world influence, demographics, stocks and trades, and geo thermo and telluric forces.

Non-electrical radionics work more intuitively, however, and I find that the removal of the electricity from the radionic instrument is less intrusive in my very deep meditation and psionics operations in general.

So, for the most part I prefer to work with non-electric radionics, as we are truly working with mind, intuition, and ultimately this is magick technology.

Balancing rates and operations for suppressing a condition have always worked better for me if I am operating a non-electrically powered radionic box. I find that the added electrical current in the device interferes with my own energies, particularly in operations of spiritual healing, or in balancing out certain conditions. Again, however, this is sometimes a contradictory area because my intuition may tell me to work with electrically powered radionics at certain points in my experimenting. Psionics and radionics are very subjective areas of magick technology research. I can only vouch for my experiences, as well as those magicians whom have shared their own paranormal stories of the occult practice with me.

Here is an area that really gets messy when electricity is involved… psionic robots.

As I’ve worked with constructs, servitors, familiar spirits, and thought-forms for decades now, I find that when these entities are incorporated into the design of radionic tunable docking stations that the spirit is more workable with non-electric systems. Why this is, I cannot say. Just my experience. At least this has been true most of the time in my working with spirit glyphs combined into radionics. That is not to say that a carrier wave cannot be used. I know that’a double negative sentence, but bare with me.

To explain this a little better, think of a standard radionic box transmitting the power of a spirit compound glyph. Now, connect this output from the jack to a standard analog radio. I do this by mounting a plug on one end of the wire, and then an alligator clip on the other end of the wire. This is a design first crafted by Charles Cosimano. So, as Charles points out, the FM antenna on an analog radio can carry psionic transmitted patterns and amplify it via the speaker. The speaker is made quiet by plugging a second cable into the audio output, and then by clipping the other end of the wire (after trimming off the earbuds) to a sheet of foil.

And that’s the gist of it. But, you can learn more about my studies in psionics when you purchase my trilogy of journals in the Journals Trio >>>

So, in essence it really isn’t necessary to have an electrically powered radionic box at all, because there is nothing electrical about the magick. Electricity can give a boost, yes. However, the more sensitive operations I work on will tend to be non-electrically powered devices, save only for the carrier or output device. As for the output there are a number of gadgets which can be useful for a good psionic transmitter. Charles Cosimano pointed out the use of a lantern flashlight with a metal funnel and a quartz crystal. I use these all of the time. And as I have already mentioned, the analog radio FM antenna will make a world of difference in psionic projection projects like remote presence or projecting one’s mind to a certain location, and then building a thought-form right on the spot in the etheric realm. Yes. Easy enough. Just takes practice and doing, perhaps with a little coaching. (Hint: join my club!)

The Miraculous Prayer Board by Vrilock

To be truthful my best operations have been with two favored instruments. One is the Miraculous Prayer Board (the one Vrilock sells on the shop page!), and the other is the bio-circuit chair arrangement invented by Charles W. Cosimano. As those of you reading my posts are already quite familiar with the miraculous prayer board I am going to talk about the bio-circuit this time round.

The bio circuit chair arrangement was designed to solve a particular problem. This is something I tell a little about in my journals available to club members in the Vrilock Insiders club. However, I will say here that the bio-circuit is truly genius in its simplicity of design, because I can get very relaxed in this arrangement, and then project my will to just about anywhere for any reason. In one of my old school days of magick I used the bio-circuit chair to project a pentacle, and in doing so I was also able to alter the behavior of the properties of this pentacle so as to have the spirits of the pentacle manifest quite a different effect than what is written about this pentacle. In essence, I took an earthquake pentacle and learned that it can create small sinkholes, big sinkholes, very big sinkholes, and very, very—well, you get the point.

We of the psionic brotherhood are honored to share more information with our supportive club members. By joining us you will help our organization grow and prosper, while at the same time reap the benefits of becoming one of us!

Equally so, we are honored to present some of my memos from my former teacher, Charles Cosimano, in the club. I, Vrilock, was Chuck’s first student, and I am very well versed in all things Uncle Chuckie. So, if you enjoy the world of psionics created by my former teacher, then come join me as we continue the pursuit of his work, and continue to keep the magick high! Very high!

Vrilock, signing out!

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