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Psionics Audiobook Conjures Spirits with a Pair of Headphones and a Flashlight!

Psionics Audiobook Conjures Spirits with Headphones and Flashlight. Vrilock Magick Store

Let it be known the spirits are the true friend of the magician. My teacher before me could not emphasize this point strongly enough, that spirits are not the boogie-man. At least not to the true and tried magician.

Spirits Are Reliable Co-Workers and Life-Partners, protectors, messengers, and teachers.

Case in point, spirits are indeed the true friend of the magician. This is because spirits operate on a level that is outside the ordinary scope of human experience. This doesn’t mean that spirits can’t lie, but for the most part spirits are the operatives behind the scenes for our magical operations. In most cases we are going to attract or become attracted to those spirits who share our interests on some level.

Even the dark spirits while perhaps not real buddies can and do make excellent affiliates of the magician. Think of such spirits in the same way that a CEO thinks of employees of a company. If you can wrap your mind around this manner of thinking of spirits then you’re already ahead of the curve in magick.

Psionics is not only ahead of the curve, we’re operating on a whole new level of magical thinking and practice. Most of the ritual stuff has been tossed out the window, frankly because we don’t even need it to perform the most mundane operations in psionic magick.

Now with the release of Vrilock’s audible series students of the occult, psionics, and magick can reap the benefits of crafting spirits from mental power by riding along with Vrilock’s narration. There’s a frequency that comes through the voice of a magician, and it is something that isn’t ordinarily conveyed through the written word. Thus, we’re taking advantage of the power of technology here on an entirely new level. Voice/ frequency/ vibration which conveys the power of the word to the mind of the listener, so as to produce the ability to manifest these powerful facilitator spirits.

So, now allow me to ask my readers a question or two here.

Are you fed up with disappointments from city and state?

Does it disturb you that people rarely ever seem to keep their promises?

Is it perhaps time to find reliable people instead of putting up with ego-centric flakes?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then I ask that you take some time to listen to my audible guide to crafting spirits. This audiobook is called ‘Fantastic Facilitators’. What you do is listen to the book, take some notes, and then go back and listen again as you craft your very own fantastic facilitator spirits.

These spirits will work wonders on your behalf, if you have but just a little time and patience to craft and employ these entities.

How are these spirits different from traditional magick?

These spirits are unique in that each one is crafted by means of psionics as opposed to actual ritual conjurations. We’re making spirits from the cosmic intelligence system, and projecting these into a form within the immediate space/time sphere that we exist in. These entities then pull in energy from our own sphere of reality to work wonders and miracles on our behalf.

The best part about working with these kinds of psionic spirits is that they’ll never work against you, and they’ll do their utmost possible best to satisfy your wishes within reason of what is available and what is possible to manifest.

As somewhat of a side note here, the cool thing about working with psionic spirits is that these spirits can be upgraded! Yes! You can augment and reconfigure your Fantastic Facilitators after some experience of working with these entities!

Yeah. Talk about magick being kinetically awesome! Well, psionics does make this all possible. Plus there is the added benefit of being able to hear my voice speaking the magick procedures for you to follow in this audiobook. All you really need to do is imagine what your spirit is going to look like, grab a flashlight, and find a comfortable chair and a 40 minutes of your time.

In no time you’ll have your very own fantastic facilitator working for you. Download. Listen. Think about what you need. Grab a flashlight, and listen to the procedure as you craft your spirit.

Just like that. And if you can get started right now, today will be better than yesterday, and tomorrow is going to be something magical!

It all begins with learning the method. Taking some time to practice the psionics. And then build the relationship with your new psionic spirit companion.

Download Fantastic Facilitators to get started on the new road ahead. Open doors to opportunity. Get out of bad relationships. Find a new business partner. Win at games, lotteries, and investments. You need a partner on the other end of the spectrum to pull of these amazing magical feats. Fantastic Facilitators can create this advantage for you!

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