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Psionic Necromancy

Psionic Necromancy

The notion of necromancy typically conjures up all manner of ghastly imagery in the minds of the common person. This is in part largely due to the woes of brilliant literature and film. However, necromancy is not about eating the flesh of cadavers or raising a farm of drug induced zombies in some remote fields in Africa.

Far from it!

Necromancy is simply divining the dead. That is in modern terms to say, we are talking to the dead via dowsing instruments.

Long has it been realized that the mind of a person does not cease to exist upon the death of the body. So, when we talk about communicating with the departed we are referring to various divination methods for acquiring information.

My part in all of this psionics stuff has been—among other things—to discover if there is indeed any truth behind the notion of dowsing the dead, a.k.a. necromancy. To be clear, I have been successful in this art of necromancy via psionics, radionics, magick, and purely psychical means.

So, what is it like to commune with the dead?

Well, it isn’t altogether frightening. I realize a greater majority of people might believe the dead are all a bunch of booga-boos and spooks, but that clearly isn’t the case when we are working with psionics as a means of communication.

Allow for me to clarify some of the distinction between working with psionics vs. ritual methods.

When individuals are working with rituals the tendency to filter into the arrangement certain expectations does seem to micromanage the entire experience of the operation. Whereas in psionics we may share the same enthusiasm for the work we are about to experiment with, but the expectations are set aside throughout the operations. The expectations and assumptions are set aside, and must be. This is where psionics greatly improves the chances of success with certain magical operations. This is because we are working with dowsing; essentially, we are fine-tuning our machines into the work at hand, while meditating on keeping all of the chatter out of the arrangement. In ritual, and by contrast, we are focused and immersed in the work, but at the same time the tendency to micromanage the results is going to be mixed into the work.

So, I’m going to give my readers some examples from very real experiences I’ve had as a direct result of my experiments and research in psionics and necromantic pursuits.

The first realization of life after death manifested for me when I was young. A relative had passed away, and I was made aware of the transition by what I can only describe as a sort of sound or vibration which brought my attention to an old and tiny picture on a bookshelf. The individual was a distant relative whom I was not close to, and I had only met once many years prior to her passing.

When later a friend of mine passed away I had a similar experience, but this time it was a voice which came to me; the exact voice of my friend, and a simple greeting followed by this voice saying my name. (Download my podcasts to learn more about my paranormal life experiences! Go Planet Vrilock! >>>)

Another friend of mine passed away in a tragic accident. This friend appeared in my home for a brief flash, and I witnessed what paranormal investigators refer to as an apparition. That is, I saw clearly the countenance of my departed friend standing in my home. This was followed by a sense of familiar wave-like sensations (frequencies) which I can only describe as a kind of vibration liken to sound waves which made contact with the left side of my head.

There were other friends and relatives who passed. And so the list of experiences with the departed is rather extensive. However, it is the art of communicating with the dead where I wish to bring our readers attention to next. And this takes us into the world of psionics.

My first experiment in necromancy is hard to decide on. I believe from memory that my most astounding experiment was with the disembodied mind of Nikola Tesla. From this psionic communion I realized certain hidden truths about nature that I had hitherto failed to realize on my own.

After the passing of Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan this month (See:, I waited a few days before making the attempt at psionic necromancy. My goal has been to communicate with the free-mind of Dr. Flanagan. What ensued this series of operations was the usual flickering of lights, and then accompanying these faculties is a sense of another mind linking up with my own. And there was a rather familiar sense of waves moving along the left side of my head.

These sensations and subjective experiences have become rather commonplace in the territory of psychic research and psionics experimentation.

Often, however, I will ask or mentally make a request to the free-mind of the disembodied individual to carry the conversation into the dreamworld. That is, I willfully ask that we continue the conversation after I go to bed.

These details of how to work psionics for communion with the departed are included in greater detail and a variety of media in my Insiders Club. As well, an excellent followup on the psionics work to contact Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s spirit will be disclosed this Saturday in the Vrilock Insiders Club. (See:

Magick of various kinds can put us into contact with the minds of those departed from the world. There are myriad experiences, some of which I have mentioned briefly here. However, the majority of these psionic necromancy sessions will be less subjective, and often far less intimate throughout the experience. That is to say, a psionics operator (a psionicist) can gather information via radionics and dowsing without having to spend a whole lot of time working with communion or rituals of any sort; Which of course frees up the operator to pursue a whole chain of magical operations. This potential for less intimate operations is due to the apparent way in which the universe is composed of information. (Read ‘Psionics Multi-tasking’ in the Vrilock Insiders Club!)

Most of the time our work in necromantic psionics will take place in the territory of dowsing (Download ‘Dynamic Dowsing Disclosure’). That is to say, most of our experiences with necromancy (via psionics) will be that of pure information; Which is going to be very distinctly different from the subjective experiences of ritualism, mediumism, conjurations, summonings, or seances. Psionics tends to be a rather straight-forward and clean cut means of working with the occult secrets and esoteric knowledge.

For this kind of work we use a helmet and a radionic box, along with a pendulum, and then a variety of dowsing charts to spell out answers to our questions. This is, as a matter of course, not incredibly odd or out of place in magical operations, because what we are working with in the universe is purely information. So, it only makes sense that the tools necessary for acquiring mental information be put to work in psionics.

To better explain how psionics works think of the universe as an operating system of sorts. All patterns, frequencies, energy, and vibration therein is comprised mostly of various kinds of information. What brings this information into manifested reality is all in the coding of that information, which compiles reality’s various components into a form of order. Thus, with our machines and instruments we can read this order once we learn to meditate and still our minds. The machines then do most of the heavy lifting in the psychical sense for these operations. And this is how psionics works. Psionics is entirely based on the principles of dowsing.

All that the operator is left to do is to trust his or her mind-machines, and then commit to working with these instruments routinely, and with some regular schedule of practice. The machines of psionics and radionics then becomes an extension of the psychic faculties and the subconscious mind.

There is of course much more going on here than simple power of suggestion. But, I will digress. Of greater importance here is the discovery that communicating with the free-minds (disembodied souls) of the universe is indeed possible—Albeit, psionics makes this readily available to anyone willing to take the time to learning this art of working with mind and machines, and above all else a meditative practice of dowsing.

Listen to my podcast on Apple Podcasts or on Podbean for more information about psionics!

Until next time… Keep The Magick High!

This is Tom Vrilock. Signing out!


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