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Psionics Dynamic Defenders Vs Lie Inc

Psionics Dynamic Defenders Vs Lie Inc

A curtain of blackness, a veil of darkness falls upon the public eye. But are you watching closely? Catch that sleight of hand? I’m about to tell you about Dynamic Defenders vs the all present but elusive Lies Inc. So, pay attention to the following.

Times are always challenging. We are eternally at war with the forces of absolutism, authoritarianism, invasion, and infiltration.

More over, today we are faced with panic, civil unrest, assaults, attacks, crime, and insanity. But is it all part of a truly external pandemic? Or is the crisis in our minds projected at us from an unwavering and relentless assault on our own sanity?

There are very real aspects to the dangers of ordinary living. Crime. Civil unrest. Pollution. Poisons. Drugs. 5G or mismanaged levels of electrical radiation. Is it a germ? Is it the virus? What is it about the sum of all our fears that stirs us into a frenzy or makes us complacent with tyranny?

Now more than ever the world needs psionics freedom. With the knowledge of how to craft servitors, minions, and artificial spirit creatures with our magick we can stave off all manner of problems. Of course we’ll need to learn these methods of magick.

The excellent news here is that psionics makes magick easier. Far easier. Even faster in some cases. So, Vrilock has produced an audible method for crafting spirit creatures for defense, protection, and to guard your treasures in life.

Dynamic Defenders and Powerful Protectors is an audiobook which helps the average person learn how to quickly craft a spirit guardian! All you need is a pair of headphones and the audible file downloaded to your computer or mobile device.

Download Dynamic Defenders and Powerful Protectors this weekend for a special bargain price! Only at Vrilock’s Psionics Magick Shop!

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