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Psionics Global Resistance Taskforce - WWG1WGA

Vrilock Psionics Magick Training Shop of Miracles

Put aside your differences of party, ethnicity, gender, and nation! Step forward and embrace liberating freedom of all humanity. Psionics is the key to mastering the hidden forces that seek to dominate us all. Use the force with Tom Vrilock, Joshua P. Warren, and the Psionic Brotherhood and the New Thought-Movement! ​​

In the face of global tyranny tiptoeing, Vrilock’s Psionic Brotherhood and the New Thought-Movement is opening up to the general public to come onboard as part of the resistance to an ancient and formidable foe we all share in common.

The most ancient of enemies has thrown the gears into high-speed, full throttle to global tyranny. Brace yourselves for what is to come!

You’re going to be told not to touch cash. (It could have a virus on the surface.)

You’ll be ushered back inside of your homes. Those few who venture out will be beaten into submission.

To counter this we need the few to become the many. More people will need to resist the imposing of rules and regulations upon the many. This is the only way. Your submitting to the tyranny of today will allow for the total and absolute domination of tomorrow.

Make your decision now! Decide! Go psionics! Join us! is a training platform, a documents and multimedia library, and an insiders podcast to help us bring back the individual as important and meaningful. Get self-empowered. Keep your connection to a higher Cosmic-All, and embrace freedom, love, compassion, and rightful thinking mechanisms, and the true freedom and power of which psionics has to offer every man and woman.

So, here is the deal.

You need to grab yourself a flashlight and start practicing focusing your mind at the country.

Joshua P. Warren Sigil vs Corona Fear

Use the sigil created by Joshua P. Warren to remove mass-fear, hysteria en masse, and promote self-empowered individuals to rise against the machine of this fear factory being assembled and deployed by globalism.

A flashlight, by the way, is still the most powerful transmitter of intent. (Watch Charles Cosimano's video about working psionics with a flashlight here!)

Download my audiobooks on Fantastic Facilitators and Dynamic Defenders to learn how to create minions, servitors, and spirit familiars to work magick in the real world with nothing more than a flashlight and your empowered imagination. Let my voice guide you through the secret steps of casting powerful psionic spells!

Learn about how to build a Miraculous Prayer Board by downloading my ebook ‘The Miraculous Prayer Board Guide!’.

Purchase Joshua Warren’s Miraculous Prayer Board. This is an ultra lightweight and portable psionic magick manifestation instrument! Slick like an iPhone, but powerful as a satellite laser, this instrument will manifest your desires and answer your wishes!

Use these instruments of psionic power and wishing machine manifestation to make the world a better place!

Act fast! Tomorrow is going to be very different if you do not!

Become a psionics avenger by joining my club and get training. Or follow my podcasts for FREE announcements on global projects released to the general public.

Keep The Magick High!

Vrilock signing out!

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