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Quarantined with Psionics Wizard Tom Vrilock

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Perhaps you’ve listened to my psionics podcast or you have watched my latest magical blockbuster on YouTube! (Alright, I’m not one of the ‘chosen ones’ from American Idol, but then of course I don’t watch muggle-vision!) Well, maybe you were not among the more fortunate of my colleagues to enjoy either one of my mirthful presentations. Do not despair! You are of course forgiven. This time!

Oh, either way your timing of arrival to this article is most opportune! I’m going to dive helmet first into the rabbit hole of psionics tonight!

Moreover, we’re going to learn all about how psionics can help all of us stuck at home. As it is, the world powers have sort of arrived at a stalemate. Or so it would seem. We are all of us doing our own part in psionics to make the world more civilized, but still we must also endure the hardships of this journey together. Or, rather, not so much together. All of us here are stuck in our well of sorrow and lonesomeness. Trapped in the doldrums of our times… despairing our hearts out—Vrilock stop that! Oh, I know very damn well you’re sick of being cooped up with people you ordinarily wouldn’t see, save around Christmas of Turkey Day.



How psionics fits in with all of this—grrr!— ‘detainment’ is rather interesting. Actually this is all rather convenient. You see, and as I’m sure the majority of you are already aware of, we have immeasurable oodles of time at our disposal for working psionics. I mean, you are after all expected to stay home, keep six feet away from other people—sort of like the distance we keep the dead. So, what better an opportunity for all of us freedom loving individuals to focus on the power of psionic projection?

Of course you understand! You’ve got it spot on, Johnny!

And we are nowhere near as defeated in our purpose and poise as some naysayers would have us believe to the contrary. Why? Because we have been practicing and following through very wise-hard in the Psionic Brotherhood to defeat an ancient foe of humanity.

Tyranny. Period.

Yuck! Spit! Pooyie!

In my video ‘Quarantined with Mr. Vrilock’ I talked about working with amplifying patterns and flashlights. (But of course I did!) As a matter of course, that’s nothing entirely new here. You must understand that we’ve been working psionics with eloptics (electric light/ optics) for an age and an age already.

Anyway, what I did say that was a little out of the ordinary rhetoric, at least for my public broadcasts, is that I enjoy growing a library of certain archetypes to work magick or mental projection for very specific worldly projects.

Now, that should have caught a little more attention. But, I understand that some of us reading this article right now may be entirely new to the world of magick or psionics.

Keep The Magick High Tom Vrilock Psionics Magick Shop

(And if you are new, I have an ebook for beginners in psionics worth $20+ dollars, and I'm giving it to the public for just $4.99! So, please read my e-book: 'Keep The Magick High!')

Yess. Well. Sorry about that little commercial there! You can as a matter of course find all levels of psuper psionic magick in Vrilock's Psionic Magick Shop! So, let's get back to what I was saying in regards to working with various forms of archetypes for worldly operations.

Now, perhaps you’re not altogether surprised that I mentioned working with archetypes. You may already be working with god-forms, angels, and egregores of some variety of your very own. But, what you may not already know is how effective these archetypes are for certain templates and methods.

So, let me tell you already! Come. Come. Lean your helmets a little closer this way so you can better hear ole Vrilock.

With the administrative bodies of government being rather infiltrated at one time—downright seeded with vested interest groups, and not with the best interest in mind for the general public—there was some much needed cleanup to be done. To effectively produce the much desired result it became necessary to work with archetypes.

For the first round I selected Maewyn Succat. That’s right. The very same guy we all have to toast to on good ole Patty’s Day. We’ve all heard the tall tales of Patricius chasing the snakes out of Ireland. But, what you probably don’t know is that back in the era of Ancient Erin our soon-to-be saint was rather the outlaw and rebel of his time. On the king’s birthday the Arch Druid, who ruled from the Isle of Mann to the gloomy groves and grottos of the entire land of Erin, ordered that under no circumstances should any of the natives of Ireland light a fire. Well, you see, it was the not only the king’s birthday but a cold night as well. And the ole Irish folks would light up these bonfires to stay warm. So, the would-be saint parked himself and a couple of his henchmen on a null—or something rather like that—in direct line of sight of the king’s abode. Patty and henchmen then ignited the biggest bonfire they possibly could! And did that get the king’s attention!

Well, of course it got the king’s attention. More importantly, however, this outright arrogance also caught the attention of the almighty arch druid of that period of rulership in Ireland. But as to make a rather long story short here, Patricius was taken up to the king (or to the arch druid, rather, as the king was truly subjective to the rule of the druid master race at the time). When confronted by the arch druid, the king, and several of the king’s daughters, Patricius convinced the king that not only was Jesus the true God and greater than the Druid’s god, but Patricius also converted the king’s company. That is, the king’s several daughters became christianized. But not only them. The arch druid himself converted after listening to Patricius speak. The king, however, did not change his faith, but pardoned Patricius that night.

Right! So, the selection of Maewyn Succat/ Patricius was the wise choice for operations, being I was already well familiar with his historical accomplishments. The results have been nothing short of staggering.

However, there are always a good deal of micro operations which need to be done. So, let’s talk about these as well.

For a good deal of time there were going to be operations requiring the results make parties at the time of said operations to cooperate. This sort of operation tends to play out better—in my own experience—if the operator works with more primitive forms of archetypes. These templates can be best exemplified by the variety of runes and the associated runic lore, poems, and so on.

Switching from a clean-up op to one of bringing conflicting participants to

common agreement was made possible with the archetype for man and another for horse. It makes some sense because the two combined is what has made history. And those countries most profoundly exhibiting mastery of the horse were able to spread their language and culture far and to the multitude.

Having an understanding of these templates in mind will help many of you solo operators stuck at home, so that you can now customize your own magical arrangements. Arrangements for the high level processes requiring literal values, and then of course the low level spectrum of operations where very defining circumstances may be altered by introducing rather variable instances of more primitive or primordial values.

In a nutshell, you’ll first need to firmly understand the entirety of radionics, wishing machines, prayer boards, and psionic magick from a birds-eye perspective. To accomplish this rather complex pursuit I have published an ebook for beginners and intermediate level technicians of magick. The book you will download is, again, ‘Keep The Magick High!’ >>>

Freedom of the human soul! That’s our business. It’s your business. Because, quite literally, this business of psionics is all about freedom. And while one man may experience euphoria at having acquired much riches and wealth, he cannot feel true freedom if and when other men are enslaved. Thus, we seek to liberate the sentient from the institutions of the Almighty Establishment.

To bring one up to speed on the means for accomplishing such a feat, each of you now must read my practical guides. In an earnest effort to make this psionics personal empowerment easier for you, I have published these three magick power books into one downloadable ebook trilogy. You will download the VPG Trio here >>>

With the Vrilock Practical Guides (VPG) trio you will learn about self-mastery, the true inner self, communicating with higher self, manifesting miracles, brining energy into balance, and then a means for breaching the barrier of space/ time - which ordinarily posses the obstacle of observance: a lag between operations and results in magick.

While we are learning to master our machines, instruments, and our own inner mental abilities, we will also push forward with learning about mind working machines, systems, and computers of many kinds. This particular area of study in tele-mechanics is covered in my third VPG - 'The Wondrous Wheel!'

With this knowledge of psionics kinesis and telemechanics, and with some

Vrilock and artist KA Comics

training in the club, we will be able to defeat the A.I. gods who pose the greatest threat to our future as independent thinkers and individual human beings. With our wishing machines, radionics, psionics, and psychotronics we will be better equipped to deal with these technological monstrosities. And we can magically bend things in ways that contemporary science could only envy!

Vrilock and Lady KA Psionics Comics

So, thank you for enjoying my videos, podcasts, and articles! Enjoy some comics by artist K. A.! And, maybe if you haven’t already, please read my ebooks and listen to my audiobooks to guide you along this journey into the world of psionics magick and wishing machines!

Until next time… As always, always... Keep The Magick High!

Tom Vrilock signing out!

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