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Psionics, Life, and Stability

Albert Schweitzer University Tom Vrilock Psionics Psychotronics Doctor Honoris

Stability needs a foundation. Every foundation available to us as a society has conditions. Conditions limit our means to acquiring knowledge outside of that sphere of reasoning. What we are going to think about today is where new foundations can be established for a more open-minded perception of the world in which we reside. But, I promise to make this easy to read and relatively short to all points.

So, without further ado… let us begin!

I might ordinarily dive into the topic headlong, and hammer out the dents in this armor we’ve forged around our various aptitudes for handling information and emotion. Instead I plight against the ordinary means established, and will begin this topic with my most recent participation in the world of reasoning.

Just recently I was awarded and bestowed the title of Doctor of Psychotronics by the Albert Schweitzer University, Corporation in Miami, Florida. This is an award gifted to my person in gratitude for my earnest work in psionics and humanitarian reasoning. J.R.R. Abrahao, Ph.d, is the man who awarded me this rare honor; An honor I might otherwise never have received in the course of my life’s work.

So, in reflection of the award and title I have received I began a study of the man behind the Albert Schweitzer Institute, and will continue to learn more about his works. (I’m currently reading ‘On the Edge of the Primeval Forest’ authored by Albert Schweitzer. A story detailing the transition of professor in Europe to doctor in Africa, and of a humanitarian adventure into the realization of respect for all life.)

With new title comes a responsibility to earn up to the name. And therefore I am pursuing a greater knowledge of where this honor blossoms, and delve into the roots of the origin of the philosophy planted from this seed or reasoning. As well, I believe that a study of how my own work has earned me this honor will bring about even greater comprehension of my life-path. Contrary to popular belief, while I do teach the magical lifestyle to my students, I, myself, am eternally a student of life and consciousness. Therefore, I lay before my readers tonight that I do not have the final word on anything I have written on the topic of psionics as a philosophy and magick as a lifestyle.

Let us move on into our topic then, shall we?

As I opened my argument tonight with the topic of stability requiring some kind of a foundation, I am referring to stability of the life-path. A lifestyle is merely the bi-product of our relationships to other people, and those circumstances set against our personal and individual composition of mind, body, and spirit. A path is the goal and pursuit of the individual. Essentially we need to set our crosshairs on the target we’re aiming for, and then make the journey to that end. Yet, there is often when we arrive at that end a fork in the road. It is much like the mirage in the great empty space of the open desert in Arabia. The venture seems to be without end. As with all journeys, I do believe, we need to set our pace for the long trek ahead. Nobody sprints across Death Valley, if you understand my meaning. Indeed not. A certain undertaking of the skills and development of talents along the journey are prerequisites for such an embarkment into a fruitful and prosperous life-path. The lifestyle which may result upon successful achievements along the journey is merely a byproduct or what we might deem as a side benefit. The real goal is always the alignment of the individual to some personal or spiritual pursuit.

Of course, no one person ever arrives at the end of the journey as he or she once was. We are transformed along the way by our encounters, the decisions that we make, and the ultimate changes that occur inside of our hearts. Thus, with a bit of guidance from the minds of great thinkers we might be more prepared for such ventures to great spiritual discovery or a prosperous life in the pursuit or in the making.

Psionics offers us new means by which to make transitions in life. It is by no means a pursuit that comes without making any effort. That analogy of radionics being the ultimately wishing machine is relative to Aladdin’s magick lamp. Well, in responsible thinking we should refrain from leaping without looking. And this is why I have made many of my results in psionic magick publicly visible and transparent. My goal is to make it known that an individual can pursue his or her own destiny via psionics if that individual is willing to put some time and effort into the pursuit and training.

How I see the world is rather unique. Having been visited upon by ‘outsiders’ (entities from outside our space/ time continuum) I have been imbued with the talent to perceive reality from an altered state of consciousness. To me the world is rather like still-life art. We ordinarily see the world as animated. But, to me it is as if I perceive consciousness interacting with a web of seemingly nonsensical patterns. It is only by the application of conscience that these patterns then come to life—are animated.

Having said this, I conjecture that psionics is a means by which we may peel back the layers of reality to manipulate some of these patterns behind reality so as to position ourselves to experience those things we truly wish to interact with, while omitting or balancing out the things we do not wish to partake of in this incarnation. It is of course easier said than done. Theory and practice are different, of course. (I’ve podcasted on this topic.)

As I noted in my opening argument here it is true that conditions impede the levels of knowledge and kinds of information we can access. However, psionics utilizes radionics as a method for handling, balancing, emphasizing, or suppressing conditions. So, we might say that while we can set conditional rates, psionics has no conditions by which we must follow empty-headed. This in and of itself sets the groundwork for a vast universe of possibilities, and magick that is tied to breakthroughs in technology. For certainly psionics while it is magick is also dependent to some degree upon the technological advantages available to us.

Still, it is in the realm of the mind where psionics is lord and king. The technology itself is merely our guide and intended to help us make the journey more effectively.

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Until next time... Keep the Magick High!

Vrilock signing out!

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