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A Magical Roadmap to Psionics

The many mansions or dimensions of psi exploration and development

A Magical Roadmap to Psionics helps you determine where you need to focus and develop! Let’s dive in now!… Keep The Magick High in Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Metaverse, Digital Rituals!

This image is a simple mind map of the Vrilock Psionics Core Fundamentals; Which then branches out into more intermediate, advanced, and extensive learning paths for the psion, witch, and wizard. There are some interesting correlations you will see if you look at the realm of ‘Energy (nrg)’: Both the natural and technical patterns are bundled together in this child branch. Why?? Because humans, chimps, ants, bees, and even cetaceans in the sea utilize or develop technology. Thus, when seen from the mind of Vrilockians (students of Vril Psionics) this relationship between humans and their technology (as first passed to the ancients by Hermes, Prometheus, Odin, Freija, and Azazel), is for the most part natural. That is to say, the universe mind creates technology as it does nature, but the former requires a middleman—humans. So, the two areas of energy are bundled under the same child branch in this chart.

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Yes, so while there is method to my madness, I do like to surprise my friends now and then. For example, just recently I was on video call with Barbara Evans. We were just talking about where I first started to enjoy jazz. So, as I was telling Barbara my story about just a per chance stumbling upon a trumpet solo by Miles Davis, I made this low sweet trumpet sound with my lips, and it brought a smile on Barbara’s face. I mean, she must have been thinking ‘Herr Doktor does that?’ No, but I do things other than psionics. Like I discovered hemp oil is great for my oral care, and hemp oil soothes skin degrading as we get older—So, like folks in the grocery store by jeer at me, and say “Hey, why are you so covered in oil like that?—I mean you’re covered from head to toe, son.” And Herr Doktor will reply “I am. So, please nobody light a match.” Hahaaa!

Alright, seriously back to the mind map! (And aren’t these mobile flowchart things just so cool?)

As you may know, psionics is literally mind power and/ or paranormal phenomena applied to engineering concepts. Uh… maybe we should just stick with the ‘mind power’ example here :)

So, therein the castles of psionics there are 4 houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin—Oh, alright. I’ll stop. The four key houses of psionics are: Intel, Energy, Focus, and Machines. Within these separate houses there are many mansions (‘dimensions’, as the mystic Jeshua Christ had once made the attempt to explain this to the people of his time). So, we know from here inside of these mansions there are many rooms, and in each room there are various directions and pursuits that a student might learn or even specialize in.

From the mansions in each house there are basic fundamentals extending into intermediate and advanced levels of mental capability like remote presence and psychometry, as well as some occult studies like egregores and eidolons. I like to say ‘capability’ or ‘ability’ because the majority of psionics is your own personal mental ability developed in your journey through life. With development of your abilities, and combined with some occult knowledge, you may perform operations ranging from a remote spiritual wellness and blessing, such as laying-on -hands with a Miraculous Prayer Board or an Awesome Amplifier. You may project your presence or influence by your developed abilities and amplify this with the Wondrous Wheel. Or even working with handheld devices. There’s a nice biocircuit chair document in the beginner’s page which teaches an advanced arrangement for working with amplifying patterns in psionics! (Check it out!)

The importance of having an overview, a high level and birds-eye view of psionics is still important well and long after evolving into a psi power master. I’ve worked with psionics for 35 years, performed global miracles for about 12 years, and have administered a psionics training club for about 5 years at the time of this writing; And I still need to reflect back on the overview, see the high ground of where all this psi and psionics stuff is going—And sometimes more importantly to look at where I have been. See my progress. I make it a habit to go back and practice the fundamentals and the initial exercises first taught to me by my old master, Charles Cosimano. I also practice the dowsing I learned from Sig Lonegren’s works (I actually had a phone conversation with a man claiming to be Sig, but why he was in Virginia is beyond me. I mentioned ‘radionics’ on the phone and he nearly had dropped the phone. Back then in the late 80’s we didn’t talk about radionics openly in dowsing circles—With the exception of one ASD chapter in California where we had an engineer guest speaker invite ASD members to join a separate ‘psychotronics’ research group.)

What are the benefits of psionics?

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Keep The Magick High in Herr Doktor Vrilock Psionics Metaverse, Digital Rituals!


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