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A Werewolf Attacked Vrilock!

Werewolf assault or dream Crossing into reality?

What is the difference between dream and wake? Brain signals tell a story of what might be experienced in the minds of individuals; and the difference between the dreamer and the person awake is merely a difference of the activities of   brain waves.

And what of this werewolf? Or the haunting beauty who manifested in both my dream and  my waking reality? Read the article to find out what creature stormed through the bathroom and attacked Vrilock!

Where the continuity of dream is broken we say that we are awake. However, what is more exciting is     if you were to venture a new line of thinking; Let us say, that the dream never truly ends, but is instead carried over into what we call being ‘awake’.

So, in my own experiments I have played with this idea repeatedly while communing with elementals and servitors. The experience in this state of mind is very different from simply focusing concentration into a thought form. There is a deep sense of induction going into the process. We begin at the most primitive level of awareness, and of being. So also does the spirit of the creature we are constructing or calling up into our awareness.

The results are a glorious achievement of near instant manifestation!

Keep the magick high!


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