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Astral Projection Overdrive!

Occult Shift Awakening Podcast!

Occult Awakening with Herr Doktor Vrilock

Prepare for an exhilarating tale of inter-dimensional voyages from the wanderer of realms! This narrative promises to be both intriguing and peculiar. I’ll recount an experience that will transport you to another plane within the matrix. This tale might lead you to believe that I’ve delved deep into the works of Philip K. Dick!

Furthermore, I’ll elucidate the unique characteristics that differentiate astral projection, ethereal travel, and mental remote presence. These are concepts that will challenge your understanding of reality and consciousness.

Join us tonight on the Planet Vrilock Psionics Digerati Podcast for this fascinating discussion. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your horizons. Remember to Keep The Magick High!™

Also, check out the new YouTube shorts! >>


⚡️Keep The Magick High! ⚡️


Vrilock & Team 👍🏻

“Keep The Magick High! Instant Manifestation w/ Psionics Master Herr Doktor Vrilock!“ ™


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