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Auction Multitude of Books, a Pendulum, and Charts!

Vrilock Psionics Training and Technology
Vrilock Psionics Necro Elite Kit, Psionic Robot, and VPG Series!

A multitude of books, a pendulum, and charts is auctioning on eBay now!>>

All the practical guides you need to master self-empowerment are included in this rare bundle of books and instruments! You will also receive an official Vrilock branded pendulum! This pendulum boasts 3 power glyphs: Answers, revelations, and the Vrilock emblem of power! Your hardcover book contains illustrations, dowsing and divination charts, a brief historical background of Herr Doktor Vrilock and Uncle Chuckie, and some classic supervillain comics! Let us break down the remaining books…

  • Psionic Necromancer teaches the student how to contact disembodied minds with very easy-to-learn methods! Plus there is a whole slew of psi magick included throughout the book!

  • Psionic Robot teaches the student to build tunable constructs, servitors, and radionic robots! This is the greatest breakthrough in psionics in the history of our race!

  • Three Vrilock Practical Guides teach the student how to build three magical instruments cheaply at home, with each instrument attributed to a corresponding chakra! Plus the background and life-story of becoming Herr Doktor Vrilock (and bonus comics at the end of each book!).

This auction will last seven days. But do not wait! Someone is bound to make an offer and snatch this wonderful bounty!

For those who just want to get a Necromancer Elite Dowsing Kit there is a club member discount of fifty dollars off the cover cost. Simply join the club at as a paid member, and take advantage of years of audible, video, and special features at no additional charge after your membership dues!

Keep The Magick High!™

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