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Azazel Awesome Amplifiers Adept Power!

Of all spirits I’ve communed with Azazel is the greatest for mastering patience in the wait for results and magick manifestation. And Azazel delivers! No, not pizza 🍕! I’m talking about manifestation power here! So stop drooling! You can have pizza when you’re finished reading my post!

Now then, you may have taken my video course Awesome Amplifiers and you are wondering what you’d like to amplify besides your own thoughts? Well then Azazel is a goof spirit for all manner of work. Simply print out the hand amplifier and draw Azazel’s sigil on to the center circle. Then placing your hand over the pattern begin to meditate and a so for audience with the god of portals who waits in the chasm of night eternal.

draw in this spirit energy and then turn your thoughts to what you need to accomplish in life.

I’ll explain more about communing with Azazel at intervals in the! But if you haven’t downloaded Awesome Amplifiers video course then you need to do so now. I show you how to use Psionics magick with little to no instruments, and how to make enchantments, admirations, and manifesting with amplifying patterns—Plus you’ll receive the printout for the one and only Vrilock Transferon Amplifier!

Let Azazel and Awesome Amplifiers Video Course help you achieve outstanding magick results! This is the video course for sorcerers supreme and beginners alike, because Herr Doktor von Vrilock has everyone in mind no matter what level of magick you’re at!

Keep The Magick High!


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