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Binance the Devil and the Eve of Apple Sweet Secrets

Binance buying up companies and banks around the planet should make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck! Central Bank in Bahrain licenses Binance! Binance then acquires Brazilian Brokerage Firm. And to top off this cherry of ultimate evil Binance takes aim at two companies in every industry of the world to convert them into a cryptocurrency empire! From China to Taiwan to Canada and extending its reach to both hemispheres of the globe, Binance is the behemoth of blockchains which stands poised to strike into the heart of finance a new world order!

Or so some of our friends would like us to believe.

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On the other end of the spectrum Apple has the capacity to break the necks of virtually all retailers on the planet with serious cost-effective offers straight from the fruit of digital temptations! Looking back at 2021 Apple’s App Store earned developers $60 billion! That’s big buckaroos whether its in paper or digital! And you know the world is going big digital.

Meanwhile, the Russo-Ukranian War is opening the opportunity for the globalists to push countries to give in to collaboratively constructing central bank digital currency (CBDC). You may be asking yourself why a central bank digital currency is a big deal? Well, with CBDC we could very likely see an end to all other banks. That means there’s no middleman between the average person, company, or entrepreneur and the government. Central banks and government issued digital money will mean everything you do will be controllable from a centralized source! Plus, as these blockchains become centralized conduits in a maze of state machines and networks of government monitored nodes your latest social network information will be possible to tag to your lifestyle, decisions to buy, own, and whatever you patronize with this centralized money. That means you can be shut down or made immobile. The power to buy or sell will be in the sole power of the centralized monetary authority. You may have thought the vax was the mark of the beast. However, it is this centralized digital money which will be civilization’s ultimate undoing.

What does one do with money in the face of world war three? Well, first of all we have to realize that it is a war of information and not a nuclear war necessarily. Rather this is the World Web Three War. The war of information being free or owned by a centralized authority.

What does ‘free’ actually mean? Well, as McDaniel’s might have pointed out it has to do with the autonomous and the sovereign right to creation. So, if you own what you create then you’re working with freedom. If you don’t own what you create, and someone can put a tax on it, then you don’t actually own a damn thing. The government mob owns it. It’s really simple.

So, what do you do with your crypto investments? In answer to this I can only say what I would do for myself, as THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

Firstly, don’t keep moving your money around. Every time you move from one crypt to another it creates a taxable event. Stick with something you believe in for the longterm.

So, instead of moving your money, begin to influence the coincidences surrounding events. In other words, move the markets with psionic mental influence! Your will is power! That’s why the media cares what you think about their ratings. Because what you focus on gets empowered.

Turn your mind’s eye on to the creators and blockchains which will produce something you believe in. Then support it monetarily if you wish to invest.

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Herr Doktor signing out!

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